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    We’re over halfway through the 2020 F1® season, so there couldn’t be a better time to get into F1® 2020! If you’re new to F1® games, or haven’t managed to check it out, you can now give it a spin with the free trial on Xbox One and PlayStation®4. What's in the trial? Here's TommyT999 to tell you more!
    Download on Xbox One here: bit.ly/F12020-Xbox-Standard
    Download on PS4 here: bit.ly/F12020-PS4-Standard
    Find out more here: bit.ly/F12020-Free-Trial
    Find TommyT999 here: trlocal.info
    📘 Facebook: formula1game
    🐦 Twitter: formula1game
    📺 TRlocal: trlocal.info
    📸 Instagram: formula1game
    🌍 Website: www.formula1game.com/2020
    💬 Forums: forums.codemasters.com
    🏆 F1 Esports: www.f1esports.com
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    1. Dangraal

      Yeah yeah, I wont play it, i dont have money to get it, why it isn't free? F1 have many fans. Does somebody know how to get it for free on ps4??

    2. Lepiigor TV

      First i think you need fix Some issues like on forum you Say revert drivers to 446.14 , tou need revert also Windows version because its not compatible with thé New and people playing cyberpunk wow etc you cant each Time revert. Second fix thé audio issue.... I bought 4 Codemasters Games and each one has a problem , sincerly and i am Sorry but thé pirates version has 0 issue just not multiplayer. Thé games issues are, grid stuttering audio , liké F1 17,18 , F1 19 ego dumper crash at start, sort rally if youoi fall, all châssis if thé car ils invisible you see 2 idiots sit with 4 wheels. I understand people leaving to Forza games....me to.

    3. Akshith Pillari

      I play ed hanoi in F1 2020 trail

    4. L______L

      Why not for pc?

    5. MUSi


    6. Adrian Mirel

      Why the demo is 59 gb?Is normal or i just get the full game for free?

    7. The_MasterPotato

      put on the computer too!

    8. D Y

      we want Sakhir

    9. Akhil

      Sorry But Mugello, Emilia - Romagna Etc.. Circuits are not in the calendar in the game

    10. アリス合成30アリス

      why is the demo 55gb? Seems alot for a demo tbh

      1. Adrian Mirel

        Same to me,i was happy for like 5 minutes,i thought i get the full game for free

      2. Vugy.

        Yes but there is 2 part of downloading it, for me first lsrt is 16gb and when that part downloads i can play the game, and rest of it its 59gb

    11. LylePrins41

      Me and my buddy josh gonna play whole 2021 f1 ha

      1. LylePrins41

        @IAMSPEED 😹😹😹😹😹😹

      2. IAMSPEED

        Ya Lyle

    12. G00DM0RNINGT0KY0!

      How long free

    13. gaming with Noa 1256

      How long we have trial?

    14. Matej

      Finally , demo

    15. Speter 004

      What things are available in the free trial?

      1. Dangraal

        Nothing. Just Australian GP.

    16. Tim Bliss

      I can't find this in the PlayStation store!! I've searched for it but no luck.

      1. GuiGamer

        Open F1 2020 on PlayStation Store and click Free Demo

      2. Besion Pemaj

        In the ps store you find the normal gane and it says to try it for free

      3. BenLawesy

        Me neither? Im not sure if it is just the demo

    17. Sl0wITツ


      1. Sl0wITツ

        @Zoltán Szilvai i install this

      2. Zoltán Szilvai

        Yes we have my team

    18. francis evaristo

      Is there a time limit on upto when i can play the demo? Or is there limitations in playing demo compared to full game? Thanks.

    19. Zizou Urb

      the free trail its the same as the demo?

      1. Hector Fernandez

        I'm asking the same 😐

    20. I dont want a profile picture

      I know im asking a dumb question but what is the difference between the game and the free trial ?

      1. Mikhail Fernandez

        @Hector Fernandez Not all content is available

      2. Hector Fernandez

        @Know Thy Enemy sorry my ignorance bit what you mean with "restricted" ?

      3. MyTeam Racing

        @I dont want a profile picture it' s just free but restricted

    21. Mertay Alaca

      We Need Turkish Grandprix !

    22. Windo- bus

      Imagine that playing this game might be the only occasion to drive F1 car at Hanoi circuit

    23. Elias Hrebik

      0:18 What a lie. I love F1 and I am a Simracing fan, but I hate the F1 Games!

      1. Elias Hrebik

        @Edward Jam Of course...

    24. HYPER_F1_BOY YT


      1. Isaac Sliwo

        @John Conquest f1 is going into the direction of fe tho

    25. Craig Bickerstaff

      "The original" 2020 F1 calendar, not the current 2020 F1 calendar mind you but the original.

    26. SWagGridstra 37


    27. Blackout76

      who remembers the times when this was completely normal and was called a demo?

      1. Vaka Productions

        I can remember the time where a Demo/Trial was RELEASED BEFORE THE FULLGAME come out and not Months after the release.

      2. Sl0wITツ


    28. Nightmare Demons

      As they say the official 2020 Tracks i was expecting that they have added germany, mugello and turkey.

      1. Shkiperkir

        nah, they said "the original".

    29. A random muffin

      Is the game available on PS5 yet?

      1. A random muffin


      2. Andhika avanindra Ramto

        Because it's backwards compatible

      3. Andhika avanindra Ramto

        Just buy the ps4 version and put it in ps5

    30. Nico Rosberg F1 Fan

      Will the trial also be available for PC?

    31. Ichigo Kurosaki

      Who asked?

    32. Sun Levi

      The game is awesome! Can't wait to see what next gen have in store for us, hopefully in won't be like F1 2015 with features stripped.

      1. Ariff

        @Sun Levi the career mode in 2014 wasnt even that good combined with the horrible ai, but i get your point. 2015 was featureless and modding was thought to be impossible when the game was launched.

      2. Sun Levi

        @Ariff True, but my main griped back then was the stripped career mode, I'm just hoping major features won't get cut, especially because I feel like F1 2020 is a great foundation but things may change with the transition to next gen. It'll be interesting to see if there's a major overhaul to the engine, what the graphics, sound etc will be like.

      3. Ariff

        F1 2015 was the one that started everything. It had way better ai than 2014 and obviously the new game engine. A lot of people dont realize how much f1 2015 contributed to the future f1 games.

    33. salva23

      we wants Mugello, Imola, Portimao, Germany and Turkey

      1. Jorge Torres

        @G00DM0RNINGT0KY0! Oh I can't believe It ooohhhh

      2. G00DM0RNINGT0KY0!


      3. Connor Bracey

        @Know Thy Enemy ah yes i know which one you mean

      4. Connor Bracey

        @Know Thy Enemy monaco short?

      5. BaconBear48

        Never gonna happen, keep asking if you like to

    34. John74

      Not able to find the demo on the Xbox store just yet, hopefully it will be up when i look again later.

    35. Thiago Luiz

      We need crossplay, pleaseee AND FIX THE BUGS

      1. Gilvan Souza

        @Thiago Luiz tá mais que certo po KKASDAKKKK

      2. Thiago Luiz

        @Gilvan Souza kkkkkkkkk tem que cobrar dos cara po

      3. Gilvan Souza

        do nada um caça rato aqui kkkkkkkkkkkk

      4. PintoKiller PT

        I sent an email to codemasters in the beginning of the game asking for this, they responded that they will not add that functionality unfortunately. I play on the PC and i have friends in the PS4. Its a shame that in 2020 a game doesnt have crossplay

    36. PiMoN

      why not pc... afraid of the full version being cracked so easily or afraid of modding? xDDD

      1. アリス合成30アリス

        And i can easily report those kinds of players

      2. PiMoN

        @Renzo 02 its not free trial its free weekends, on the consoles tho its a *proper demo version* which doesn't exist on pc

      3. Renzo 02

        They already gave a free trial in October i believe.

    37. Álvaro B.

      F2 2020 PLEASE

    38. Astro Sleep

      Why do complain about the races we've had, at least we have had some races

    39. Senjmeister

      Ok, thats cool, but where is F2 2020?

      1. TommyGamerV12


      2. Akshith Pillari

        Next year I am codemasters ceo son

      3. Kieron Welsh

        How do you download the trial as on Xbox one there is no sign of it

      4. Senjmeister

        @danort17 yeah, with the next game, and then we're waiting for the 2021 Update

      5. danort17

        "Coming in September"

    40. Derren Dillon

      Hi Codemasters :)

    41. Elie_d7

      Wow so now we have a trial

    42. GR Okay

      Amazing game unu