F1® 2020 | Manual Starts & Turn 1 Guide

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    The starting grid and the opening corners play a big part in how well you do during a Grand Prix™.
    Get the best starts and the cleanest opening turns with this guide 👍🏻
    00:22 - Manual vs Assisted Starts
    01:24 - Timing the Start
    02:26 - Getting a Good Launch
    04:17 - Mastering Turn 1
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    1. YVNG P00T

      They fr said: Jumpstarts are bad, but

    2. ExMachine

      Could you add a mode or something when you can practice grid starts

    3. Black guy

      The smoke at the start looks kinda off

    4. Makgopelo Mkhwanazi

      Idk why but I feel like I want the car to be more complicated in the game -more engine modes -different traction modes -engine brake modes -Launch mode because if I’m not mistaken the cars have that(like a launch map) -more realistic track surfaces like bumps in the road punishing you for using a wrong line Visually see car upgrades and the sign of high or low downforce(the Monza skinny wing, thick wing Barcelona package etc) And have things like Scenarios you must understand like”Scenario 7” BPC there’s something Lando actually had to do in the car settings and stuff I want a more realistic game codies just putting that out there Ooh I forgot things like older tracks being added to make a new calendar or just an adjusting calendar every time I go to a different season Anti-Stalling the car in different ways and such aaaaaand RIPPLE STRIPS! Got some more like a custom helmet designer to be able to make something more tailored to yourself with more detail like custom designing overall Real physics like the tech-pro that probably saved Ghiotto’s life yesterday(bit late of a comment) rear wing damage would be nice that isn’t just DRS issues Things that could spice up the game like articles from F1 2011-13, a better media EVEN SOCIAL MEDIA and you can just call it racenet.com,it can be like you typing something/posting something like here’s and example L.Mather posted I got a new helmet for the race to pay tribute at Silverstone (Sorry Lee best I could think of) And if you can laser-scanning circuits RED FLAGS in practice and the race These are just a bunch of things I’d love to see in the future maybe even F1 2021/2022, I appreciate all you do for us but I would be nice and probably make the game better.Love from Africa❤️

    5. pluvillion

      Huge tip for turn 1? Always start on podium.

    6. Tiantian Zhang

      Please add manual grid and manual pit in F1 2021

    7. Max Ivanov

      Jesus how much more dumb and useless can a video be. The examples are so exxagerated that they lose any value and the wording is great too. What the heck is "a little lower"? Is this a guessing game?

    8. Jonathan Harvell

      It's still incredibly difficult to get the Optimal RPM on the grid. It over revs WAAAY too easily.. Like literally 1-2% of throttle difference.

    9. Nigel Mansell’s moustache

      Yes but what I really want to know about the starts is how to survive turn 1 in *multiplayer*

    10. Diagy Irsyad

      Try that rev hold using keyboard, since not everyone can afford steering wheel

    11. MassLuca007

      could you guys add the suggested gear to the steering wheel in cockpit view? its like the one thing the steering wheel doesn't have and im trying to learn all the tracks but i gotta use Tcam coming up to corners to see what gear to go to 😂😂

    12. Iceman

      Nerf Ferrari

    13. mia ria

      The podium pass makes me worry the f1 franchise is going to the route that fifa took

    14. StratisGaming

      Someone tag Ben on twitter and link this

    15. StratisGaming

      Your Turn 1 Guide: *No heroics into Ste. Devote please, we're in the middle of the pack and want to stay in one piece ©®*

    16. Rocky B

      Fans of the game: F1 is moving more towards simulation, which is great and more realistic Codemasters in this video: Bottas gets a good start at Monza, a Red Bull on pole at Monza, a Haas near a McLaren and a Renault at the start

    17. shook0

      You should get your start bug fixed before talking about how to start



    19. Yahiko Pein

      How to do this with a keyboard?

      1. Boti Gamer

        Assisted start

    20. Morris Mårtenson

      tiametmarduk should watch and learn

    21. LP MFD


    22. Netcald

      Why is there no option to have clutch as an axis. That is one thing that really annoys me about the F1 games. You also get a penalty no matter how big the jumpstart which is ridiculous.

    23. Tiago Vilhana da Silva

      "braking late in turn 1 is very dangerous and not recommended" Me seeing people in multiplayer not even braking

    24. Tiago Vilhana da Silva

      Yeah its not possible to get past turn 1 cuz people think its funny to just run into tour inside with 300km/h

    25. Tiago Vilhana da Silva

      How do i get a flash start without traction control

    26. Riftman Hun

      Th is so useful 2:30

    27. Andare_a_podio_alla _kmag

      People in ranked lobbies: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that

    28. Tomas Schvartzman

      5:22 @romain Grosjean

    29. Jonathan Yu

      This is literally copied from Veloce, just like the Virtual GP series...

    30. Kieran Cliffe

      0:03 why are the Ferraris P2 and P4?

      1. Luka Džananović

        Reverse grid, ONLY for ferrari's

    31. Sagnol

      With the pedals of my G29 its impossible to keep the throttle at medium levels... 80% my car spins like crazy

    32. Ryan

      Is there anything in the works to stop people from intentionally crashing people in online lobbies? I understand it's hard in unranked; but even in ranked, when I'm Gold with 3 bars(or whatever they're called) I get crashed constantly simply because I'm about to overtake someone. And if I get the move done it's a given that the next corner I'm done for anyway. The safety rating is meaningless. Its a weird situation where I don't have the time or schedule for leagues and even when I find other fast people online, they can't take getting passed so they just run me off on the straight. Which makes the game unplayable. It would be nice, if not for this one for the next, to have some sort of way to punish these.people so they don't ruin the multiplayer for everyone.

    33. DaniMacYo

      This is a most helpful guide. Thanks. It’s the starts I normally struggle with. I can never get the throttle where I want it, either too low or too high once I get away. Or if I get it right then the AI just out drag me all the time. Even with Overtake and less wheel spin.

    34. an internet stranger

      Just a suggestion, but would you think about adding practice starts?

      1. Makgopelo Mkhwanazi

        And many more things making the game realistic

    35. Miarchy

      If its monza fall down to 20th and just let the carnage happen

    36. Sofian Hassaine Year 9

      5:57 Of course, the Haas cars ended up hitting each other again.

      1. Mikhail Sanjay

        Lol yep

    37. STEEEEEEEE_1

      *Laughs in no matter what they do. Online races always have a crash*

    38. xxxalexxx

      you should add a "training manual start" like f1 pilots do when they stop before the pitlane exit...in the game the clutch works only in the race

      1. xxxalexxx

        @mia ria i play with everything off...no help.it would be nice to have like real drivers do some practise..lots of videos of people talking then you see they have TC on full

      2. TickTak77

        Excellent idea

      3. mia ria

        It's not that hard, true I never pay attention to the optimal rev range So my starts are based on reaction but all it is, is clutch, throttle and release clutch.

    39. McPlayer8t

      Can you please voice over these?

    40. McPlayer8t

      Now THIS is what I need, the day I get through turn 1 without crashing...

    41. itz will

      Can you sort out the teams as Ferrari are faster in the game then real life

      1. McPlayer8t

        They have already said that update will come out in October, as well as boosting Racing Point.

    42. Alex Pro607

      If your not a pro use assisted starts

    43. Pedro Ferreira †


    44. Leoparder 612

      5:24 Finally Lantor Stronaldo

      1. Leoparder 612

        @Boti Gamer I said FINALLY

      2. Boti Gamer

        Okay, jerk. Tell me ONE SINGLE EXAMPLE of Lance Stroll doing that manoeuvre in real life

    45. Ahmad Hafit Fadholi

      0:07 It's light out and away we go

    46. progr4mo

      I do the exact same thing and the best i can do is holding the position..

      1. McPlayer8t

        The engine power of your car makes a difference, as well as reaction time, in fact, I would argue reaction time is more important.

    47. DarkDiamond YT

      Special video for Ben!

      1. McPlayer8t

        My thoughts exactly.

    48. G3tright1337

      Thx for not showing the Cockpit View

    49. Gavin

      Fix online! People are asking this for weeks but you are only helping the people that play career/my team and you don’t even pay attention to the people that are playing the game seriously and competitively! Even eSports drivers are complaining at your shit game but “no” you guys don’t listen

    50. Sem Bosmans

      Bring red flag back 🚩

      1. DY Donkyee

        @Alexander Kings nah 2011 or 2010

      2. Alexander Kings

        @Shkiperkir F1 2012.

      3. Franz Matthew

        @Sreejit unless you have 1-20 maldonados in your session then yeah

      4. Sreejit

        It won't do much because big crashes are very rare

      5. Shkiperkir

        @an internet stranger yes, it was in old-generation ones. Not sure when it first appeared, but it was in F1 2013 and F1 2014 100%.

    51. TheNacho17 JB

      Creo que deberían de centrarse en terminar de arreglas bugs que llevan en el juego desde hace bastantes sagas en vez de estos manuales, no es mala idea pero prefiero que aprovechen el tiempo en mejorar el juego ya que online algunas veces es injugable con algunos bugs

    52. tor mcmullen

      On the next game pls make the ia make more mistakes and also pls can you make the safety car come out more often.Pls reply.love f1 2020

    53. Super max

      Ben be like 👁👄👁

    54. yeet delete

      but the most important thing is. *avoid dirty drivers*

    55. LFernando GAMER

      Melhor f1 de todos os tempos esse game

    56. Wades

      add the possibility that we can put the same track twice in the career mode/myteam mode, please. For example: Austria, Austria, Hungary. add fisheye effect option on T cam, please

      1. Araiz Bajwa

        Whats fisheye effect

    57. Spadon56

      "your best chance of success in a grand prix comes at the very beginning, when you're on the grid." Charles Leclerc : So yes but actually no

    58. Ryan Johnson

      Who needs to turn for turn 1 when we can hit the cars in front. Am I right ?

      1. McPlayer8t

        Your front wing disagrees.

      2. Horse can drive?

        You must be romain grosjean

    59. AndrewF1Gaming

      Ben should have a look at this 👀

      1. Cryptic

        @Y2Jyr and he admits that hes not better than a lot of people, it's not like he thinks hes the best

      2. Cryptic

        @Y2Jyr veloce esports have 50 thousand subscribers. ben has over 550k. i dont think veloce made too much of an impact on that. and he still races at 110 ai

      3. Y2Jyr

        Cryptic it’s because I used to watch him when he was decent. But now I think he’s gotten to big for his ego. I don’t watch him anymore because his content became really boring. The reason I don’t think he’s the face of f1 gaming is because in a video from Veloce Esport, he was praised too high.

      4. Cryptic

        @Y2Jyr so why were you saying that u didnt understand?

      5. Y2Jyr

        Cryptic I know.

    60. Namane Mlki

      Pls Codmasters F1 2020 nintendo switch pls

    61. Benjamin Cooper

      I find manual starts easier this year, same as driving in the wet.

      1. Benjamin Cooper

        ​@Alejandro Perez Cordoba I agree, i feel a lot more confident especially under braking

      2. Alejandro Perez Cordoba

        Driving in the wet is exponentially easier. I remember playing on 100 difficulty for a season and tried to simulate as much as possible. 1-5 was usually my finish but in the rain it was always like 10-15...

      3. McPlayer8t

        Same, in F1 2019, I only remember having one truly mega start, whereas in this game, I’ve had a few already. The F2 cars are a lot harder though.