F1® 2020 Traction Control Guide

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    Stop spinning like a top and master the toughest of assists with our guide on Traction Control, by learning how to drive without it 😎
    00:00 - Intro
    00:22 - Traction Control Explained
    01:54 - Managing the Throttle
    03:26 - Short-Shifting
    04:28 - Reducing Wheelspin
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    1. bruh

      bruh I spin out sometimes WITH FULL TRACTION CONTROL

    2. Sushain Bargotra

      vettel would like this.. won't he

    3. T MCK

      i'm having serious problems with f1 2020 on pc, using the csl elite loadcell pedal kit.The throttle pedal is registering 50% without any input.Meaning when i do break only 50% of throttle is release, so i'm breaking with throttle engaged,even with my foot off the throttle. What can i do to sort this problem????????. I've emailed codemasters many times and yet no reply on how to sort this out. This is beyond frustrating, paying for something and cant use it as i would like in the correct manner.....

    4. Ville Ikävalko

      I play it with controller and just for fun so i think i will keep it on

    5. Raymundo Johnson3

      The Traction Control Was Banned In 2008 F1

    6. Nicksta2006

      can someone explain to be why all the esports racers use 50% differential yet here the recommendation is to increase for better performance?

    7. Mertay Alaca

      We need Turkish Grandprix !

    8. Kevin Lijewski

      The main problem with sims is that you dont have the ass-o-meter, you cant feel the cars behaviour only with the steering wheel. If you Would lern to drive the car in reallife you would be able to react and handle the car in a different way

    9. Andy Aim

      I took traction control off 5 days ago... on each track I kept trying time trial until I beat my best previous track time... Australia took me the whole day but after that it started to get easier.. well until Monaco 😂 but I cracked that last night. Now just those damn ABS to take off.

    10. mfgIcarlos

      Please add a racing line without tips on breaking. Just a white line.

    11. Jeff King

      It's called your right foot. It has more than two positions of none and full throttle.

      1. Night

        or finger

    12. Brian Peters

      Can’t miss what you never knew ;p

    13. Akzazka-さん

      i never tried without tcs lol😂😂

    14. Sam Moffat

      can we get a feature to make custom liverys on xbox and pc without having to download loads of files? eg you make a website, you sign in to your racenet account, and you can make stickers/liverys. would be a great feature to make the game feel just that little more realistic!

    15. WC Supercars

      Wonder who created this 🤔 PJ

    16. Nav Singh

      Two things I would recommend to pad/controller users: 1) Adjust throttle linearity. I have mine around 40 2) Adjust wheel saturation and linearity. Nothing more than 10 on both. Number 1 is a bit more forgiving with the trigger between 0-50% pressed versus default. Number 2 allows you to move the wheel in a smoother motion and therefore get out of full lock easier and quicker. I actually found Number 2 was the final piece in the puzzle to help me from spinning out of every slow corner.

    17. GV Phoenix

      Who else is waiting for them to make an actual F1 game like F1 2016 with pit stops and everything.Example:F1 2017 Mobile,2018,2015,2019 ect like come on

    18. Albertus Nathan Widjaja

      reminds me of S🅱️INNALA

    19. JasperHeaton

      I use no assists and traction control is the one that catches me out all the time but I eventually got the hang of it thx for the game Codemasters :)

      1. Ravne

        I swear ive seen you on twitter or summin

    20. Alex Tabara

      Can you show us how your servers work? I wonder how can they be that bad

    21. RBferalo14

      Medium traction Bois unite! 👊

    22. Ramadhanipr

      It's nearly impossible to play with traction control completely turned off if you're playing with gamepad 😅

      1. GoodKarma

        IT is possible. But you'll need to lower the difficulty a bit. But it is incredibly rewarding.

      2. Spartan 18 s

        It’s possible but it’s really stressful. And fun at the same time.

    23. James X Racing

      Don't know why I'm watching this because I've been using no tc since 2017. But advice to anyone, is just practise. Time with the car allows you get more familiar with its limits, thus allowing you to push hard. Also using a wheel makes it a whole lot easier as pedal control vs trigger control is no contest

    24. Igor Santos

      Fix track limits and ban short shifting

    25. Murilo e Bruno

      pô não tem nenhum brasileiro

    26. Nick Van Der woude

      throttle is just to sensitive on a controller its impossible i can’t get it


        It easy

    27. Mikołaj Formella

      Maybe no anti lock next?

    28. Stef Meindertsma

      Wow is was realy struggeling with this but this guide realy helped me

      1. Nandakishore Ishwar

        Mate you're realy struggeling with your English too

    29. shadowgames77

      Ferrari right now: *Write that down, Write that down!*

    30. tony kollberg

      For me it's better with high differential (around 90% and lean fuel) in rain!

    31. PlittHD

      would be so much more realistic if you could set it in percentage steps

    32. Billy Hobin

      Hay codey wheres magelo turkey nuburging imala Portugal and outer bauring

    33. Nabeel Ahmad

      lmao "throttle control" sounds lame

    34. Arnav Jain

      Can u please update your mobile game

    35. ossilong

      Traction Control - the Schumacher special

    36. PH

      Dont, never, use Traction Control, only if you re racing me online... for sure

    37. Lauri Harjula

      There should be fourth traction control level, low.

    38. Miguel Medina

      Better title: _"How to Control your S🅱️innala Power"_ ...

      1. Ramu

        you cant control the S🅱️innala that even the ancients gods struggle to control such power (???

      2. Vanzo Tv

        Seb should watch this and Carlos also

      3. Anguilla01


    39. Justin Jordan

      Great guide, I drove with full TC in 2016 and 2017, and then managed to get the jump to Medium for 2018/19/20, which gave a lot of speed. But was never confident enough to try out not TC at all, I can't convince myself yet!

    40. Jonathan Yu

      Why keep copying Veloce 🤣🤣

    41. Nipsu Gaming

      Me watching this video be like S🅱️INNALA

    42. BLΛK

      wait thats illegal

    43. Abhishek Dubey

      Hey guys, Can you upload a video on how to play F1 2020 with controller as I have just started using it

      1. Bram Schouten

        iContrast has a good video about that!!

    44. pora ford

      0:45 I will setup your blog and setup it to earn money w h a t s a p p +7 9 6 7 1 5 7 0 5 8 1

    45. Mitchell Webb

      It would be great if you could add a 'low' traction control setting next year - this is my first racing game in years, and my first since learning to drive so I understand manual gearing a lot better than when I did as a kid. I'm racing on manual gears with traction control at medium, but the gap between medium and none feels huge - perhaps medium is a little too strong - but I think a low option would really help bridge the gap

      1. Luthfi Nadhil

        @Mitchell Webb i think its easier to turn off tc rather than turning off abs/brake assist in gamepad

      2. McPlayer8t

        If you are looking for something a little harder to drive, try the Formula 2 cars or the classic cars. I find the F2 cars in particular so satisfying to drive, on medium traction control, they require a bit of caution, but nothing unmanageable. To be completely honest, I’ve enjoyed driving the F2 cars more than the F1 cars this year.

      3. Mitchell Webb

        Asinine I’m not saying it won’t be, but my point is medium is too easy on a pad and none feels too hard - no harm in the developers thinking about it

      4. Asinine

        @Mitchell Webb no offense, but duh, you're using a controller. It's gonna be more game than sim no matter what your settings.

      5. Mitchell Webb

        To clarify, I wish I was a wheel user but I don’t have the space for that sort of setup - as a pad user i think it’s harder to ‘feel’ the car under acceleration

    46. Astro Sleep

      No offence to codies but the liveries by and large are crap. The best you have to pay for. I hope next year we can go back to 2019 with ok the really top ones you have to pay for.

    47. FMoreno

      Hi guys. Will be possible to add Mugello, Nurburgring, Portimao, Imola and Istanbul on F1 2020 or 2021?

      1. Viking Wayne

        Doubt they'll be in next year's game too, unless they get added to the 2021 season.

      2. FMoreno

        @Devan Wilson okay. I have not idea about this info. Thanks!

      3. Devan Wilson

        They have confirmed multiple times that they wouldn't add it this year. They said it takes 6 months to develop a track so I don't think that will happen for next year.

    48. Vale07

      2:14 Se🅱️astian Vettel Is s🅱️inning around