F1® 2020 Track Guide: Australia

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    The traditional season-opener, Australia's Albert Park is a pleasant yet demanding street circuit.
    Get a handle on it with this beginners guide 👍🏻
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    1. Montague Drewett

      Can you do one for Brazil? I have a race coming up this weekend that I need to practice for but I don't know the breaking points or anything. Thanks

    2. Skyrelf

      Thank u for u repaired my game

    3. TEM - 0079

      What's it Iike to race other players online? Is it fun? I wouldn't know since i get kicked as soon as i join a lobby...

      1. TEM - 0079

        @Afolabi Ajayi Oh, i dunno TBH. I figure it's either because i don't have a headset or because i'm American lol

      2. Afolabi Ajayi

        Oh, so this is a general problem? I just thought maybe they didn’t like me in the lobbies I kept trying to join.

    4. Aran Whelan

      Imma go ahead and say it. RELEASE THE NEW TRACKS! I Will Pay For Them! Plz we need this touch if variety in the game

    5. My Snapchat is JDZonez

      Wheres Onrush 2

    6. Patrick Alexander

      gameplay ; wow that's looks easy me:drive against tire wall 😅😅😅😅

      1. Кирилл Стрижов

        Turn 12 be like: s🅱️inalla

    7. Tisione30

      Bonjour pouvez regardez en safety car quand une personne se fait taper à l arriérée de sa monoplace il prend 5 seconde

    8. kenya desert

      Fix the damn safety car in multiplayer

    9. Andre Dewar

      I like that track🇭🇲

    10. BlackSky 37

      And I thought it was an old video recommended by YT for whatever reason... but it is indeed new. 😂

    11. xxxalexxx


    12. TheMarine015

      I think for 2021 you need to add some circuits that aren’t on the official calendar. I’m sure there’s licensing and it would take a full year or two to do full models. But you have Jerez and other classic circuits from previous games to use as a template. Driving the same schedule gets old. It’s basically been the same since 2010. Bring back turkey, India and Korea.

      1. Brother Valen

        True, they should add a lot more tracks for us to play around on. The Nordschleife should be in every F1 game. And there's lots of great tracks they could add including some historic tracks and maybe some 50's and 60's F1 cars. But they are kind of lazy and release pretty much the same game every year so I don't think that's going to happen.

      2. McPlayer8t

        I think the most likely new track will be the new version of Bahrain, however, it may not come until the next game, by which time it won’t really be relevant. I would love to see it though.

      3. Frost

        I would love to have classic tracks, and being able to add them to the calender in place of others would be such a great feature. It's probably not high on their list, but I really do wish we had some more tracks. Variety is the spice of life :)

    13. ELECTRON

      0:26 Meter not Metre

      1. McPlayer8t

        So when will you use metric units? 😂 imagine 0 degrees not being freezing point. I’m joking by the way, if it’s what you're born with it’s the only thing that makes sense, I get it, but I do wonder how America became so different to Aus and the UK. You use different units, you pronounce words differently, you spell words differently, you drive on the opposite side of the road, you don’t even pronounce ‘Z’ the same way. Then after all that you say Australia is upside down. 🙃 I am well aware Australians say a lot of weird stuff too, so I’m not hating Or saying you are wrong, just making observations.

      2. ELECTRON

        @an internet stranger ur not wrong about our trash country for the past 3 years. But if we choose the right president we will actually be a "good country"

      3. an internet stranger

        @ELECTRON and then you wonder why America is the shitshow it is

      4. ELECTRON

        Randomly generated person never said everyone was American. Ps it’s color

      5. an internet stranger

        Not everyone is American, yknow

    14. Alistair Agong

      Plz sponser graystillplay

    15. Yeee Fuuu

      The AI is so OP in sector 3 this year

      1. Francesco Fumagalli

        @Edward Jam wow man you must be a pro driver. How are you not in formula 1 yet?

      2. Yeee Fuuu

        @Edward Jam must be that, 67th worldwide in TT. I should listen to you

      3. Dutch Damian

        So true

    16. Sans Undertale

      So many green

    17. ApexRacing17

      Track is great until sector 3

      1. McPlayer8t

        Only part I don’t like is the fast chicane, I love the stop and start corners so sector 3 is fine mostly.

    18. ZoyNes

      Yes youtube has drunk again... 1 like and 0 views.

    19. PlittHD

      Why not?

    20. DanielTheFreak

      You could've just re-uploaded your F1 2013 Hot lap for this weekend!

    21. Skyrelf


    22. Ethan Gopalan

      Albert Park is one of my favourite circuits to drive. But my favourite is still Hockenheim. Sometimes I boot up F1 2019 just to race there.

      1. CastleBravo

        @McPlayer8t yep, all three of those are fun to race in, especially Mexico when you get alot of laps logged and get into rhythm...Canada is another fun track too.

      2. McPlayer8t

        Never got a good rhythm at Hockenheim, the last sector was a nightmare for me. On this years game, I had to bump up the difficulty to 100 for Albert Park, the highest I’ve set it by a long way, and I still scored points. It’s weird, because despite being Australian myself, I never really clicked with the circuit before. My best tracks are Red Bull Ring, Silverstone and Mexico. Sochi would be up there, but the last sector kills it. Suzuka is awesome too.

    23. Astro Sleep

      Ok codies thanks for making sure that we will son ourselves to sleep knowing that most of the good tracks are missing this year

    24. ZoyNes

      Why did codemaster upload this? Formula 1 is not even racing at Australia this year? Right?

      1. F1® Games From Codemasters

        We're doing guides for every circuit in-game to help new players get up to speed 👍🏻

      2. McPlayer8t

        It’s a guide for the game, the real season is irrelevant.

      3. SHIV B

        @Nabeel Ahmad they should probably show a lap from F1 2013 then😂

      4. Nabeel Ahmad

        Prob bc they don’t have a Nurburgring one