F1® 2020 | Launch trailer

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    LET’S RACE TOGETHER - F1® 2020 is OUT NOW on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia!
    Get on the grid with all of THIS:
    My Team
    Be the 11th team with our new My Team mode! Thisis a first for the F1® franchise. Alongside the well-established Career, you’ll be able to experience F1 2020 as a driver-manager offering you a unique insight into the world of F1®.
    Check out My Team here: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/F12020-My-Team-Mode
    Accessible Handling
    New to F1® games? We’ve added a host of different options designed to help those of you new to F1® games adjust the challenge to match your expertise. These modes are in addition to the core F1® and F2™ racing experiences which remain as challenging as ever for those who love the intensity of simulation racing.
    Schumacher Edition DLC
    With the Deluxe Schumacher Edition DLC, you'll get to drive as the legendary Michael Schumacher himself in four of his most iconic cars. You'll also receive exclusive content including themed car liveries and driver customisation items, including a unique podium celebration.
    The four cars are:
    • 1991: Jordan 191
    • 1994: Benetton B194
    • 1995: Benetton B195
    • 2000: Ferrari F1-2000
    Want to read more? Go here: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/F1-2020-schumacher-deluxe-edition
    All 22 Circuits
    All 22 Circuits, teams and drivers. That’s all 22 Circuits from the original 2020 season calendar, including Hanoi Circuit and Circuit Zandvoort. And you can choose between the original and full 22 season, or shorter 10 or 16 race options.
    Simplified ERS
    Based on feedback from F1® drivers, we’ve simplified the ERS to make it more realistic. All you need to do to activate it is press a button!
    Deeper F2™ Integration
    Choose from a full season, half season, or three-race F2™ experience, before getting started on your 10-season driver career. We’re also adding the 2020 F2™ season as a free update later in the year.
    Rear-view mirror
    This year, we’re introducing a rear-view mirror to help you race wheel-to-wheel against your opponents.
    Customisable OSD
    Want to move your circuit map somewhere else? Change where your rear-view mirror sits? Move everything to wherever you’d like on screen!
    Podium Pass
    New to F1® 2020, the Podium Pass allows to you Race, Earn and Unlock. Each season unlock free customisation items by racing in your favourite game modes and earning XP. Custom cosmetic items include car liveries, race equipment such as gloves, overalls and helmets, and podium emotes.
    Want even more customisation? You can purchase the VIP upgrade to gain access to higher-level rewards and additional in-game challenges.
    Pre-ordered F1® 2020? You’ll receive enough credit to unlock Season One VIP, and each season will contain enough currency to purchase the following VIP Podium Pass.
    Buy F1® 2020 right now: www.formula1game.com/2020/buy

    Join us for the ride - follow us on our social channels:
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    1. Ethan Dickie

      Can yous put the merc back to silver maybe but I don't mind the black

    2. Razoral _

      The music was on point.

    3. Wait Why do I have a sub?

      In the next game an aggression adjustment bar would be nice for the AI, what if I want to make that final round of the championships that much more exciting and have the AI go Schumacher for the tittle..

    4. rjet43

      Is it VR?

    5. DJ Militia Miller

      Imagine how this will look with the enforced frostbite engine. Are you guys worried about your new owners? You bloody should be 😀

    6. Easy Breezy

      На моем канале появилось видео прохождения Ф2 за Роберта Шварцмана. Всем огромное спасибо заранее за просмотры. )))

    7. Black Sweet

      Can we burnd like grocery on fire that was epic and dramatic

    8. Rafael Davidoski

      RIP Codemasters :(

    9. Ferizon x

      How do you get that cam? Somebody please tell me 0:10

    10. Morne Stoffberg

      The best F1 game so far man. I love this version. But i wish Codemasters can put in the RED flags to make it more realistic.

    11. lorenzo fabiani

      Logitec g20 not work on pc...good sola

    12. Mauricio Ambrocio

      One of the best I ever played I can't stop playing it

    13. needThai Forex Trading

      Is there a Manager mode that have AI drive for you ?? Like in Motorsport Manager game ??? PlayStation F1 need this mode please

    14. ItsRudyJ

      Where is the camera view of looking into the cockpit - at the driver

    15. fabigamer1111yt

      Add Imola Mugello Nurburgring And Ferrari Gp1000 Livery

    16. Juliano Lima

      I miss the F1 2010 class, F1 2011 Coop and F1 2012 engine sound...

    17. kingsley tai

      F2 2020 please

    18. aa b

      Do the mechanics lead you how to setup the car in practice? I mean like "do 4 laps to decide how to set gearing" (top speed on the longest straight, 1st gear on slowest corner...), than differential and so on. That would be cool for those who don't understand the car setup so much. Another good thing would be off season testing of new parts - like do a few laps with this part and then another part and player would choose one according to how he likes the car handling with the part or that lap times are faster and so on.

    19. Jack Jackson

      i was hoping you guys could put a different front wings for my teams. It's too ferrari ish looking car.

    20. linterni Gamer

      Tbh this trailer looks better than the one codemasters added in the game

    21. schisüchtig

      Please launch it on Nintendo Switch too!

    22. Stephan G.

      Are there 2 cars in my team in addition to the 10 existing teams or is there one real team missing for my team?

    23. Paskal Ramaker

      Why is this game not on Nintendo switch? 😭

    24. trần đức anh-TĐA gamer TV

      why there are no fia formula 3 game

    25. Nabeel Taher

      We need red flags

      1. Nabeel Taher

        And more punctures

    26. NRG

      What's launch trailer

    27. Skanthan Danaraj A/L Domnic Danaraj Skanthan Danaraj A/L Domnic Danaraj

      I literally just bought this game! Still loading.

    28. MellleM 2.0

      add your games on geforce now pls

    29. Arhat Ménez

      0:31 It seems that finally those of us who play on the console are going to be able to put sponsors on the helmets

    30. Cristian Garcia Carrasco

      Cuando saldrá el MOD de la temporada completa de F2 2020 ????

    31. Anas Anoyed1998

      what is this music

    32. Jamie Hewitt

      Hey guys is there going to be any mods for the Xbox like there is with the PC??

    33. Weed Jesus

      I wonder what will F1 2021 look like

    34. Filip ma Cobi

      I would love to see a Robert Kubica Edition

    35. Andru McDrive27

      When will you add Mugello, Imola, Portimao and Nurburgring?

    36. Bapmz

      All u people who hav f1 2020 soo lucky it's been 3 WEEKS and i still haven't got it

    37. James Young

      I would hope that you fix the ai stting times while sitting in the garage because I waited for the dry period in quali Mercedes Ferrari and one red bull and my teammate stayed in the garage while all the other cars set a lap on sorts then when we went to the timing screen Mercedes Ferrari and red bull had set a lap on mediums without even going out when they should be out if quali this is stupid and you should fix because it is really annoying when they pull times out of nowhere please fix it

    38. John Campbell

      Can you please fix the interviewer after the sessions I was after finishing a clean race and she said you left a lot of paint on the walls as per usual. I just find it annoying bc the game just has nothing else to say so they ask this crap over and over. But the game isn't that bad just please fix the interviewer

    39. Tana F1

      2009-2011 sucked but 2012-2020 the best

    40. Tana F1

      Usually when I see a new game from codemasters. I know its going to be good in a good way

    41. Teddietubehd

      0:25 sBinala

    42. Dominic Viner

      Please with the extra season now in play make the 2021 game insane I wanna see red shirts on the crowds of monza. Wanna see different turn out of fans drivers talking back. Dialog and maybe even commentary

    43. j m

      My dad is getting me f1 2020 At the end of this month

      1. j m

        My dad is getting me f1 2020 At the end of this month and I am angry at him

    44. EJSC2001


    45. Matei Moraru

      I still got f1 2018

    46. J man racing

      NOTHING MORE I WANT THIS IS F1 2020 2021 and 2022 ok maybe after a few months I will change my mind XDDD

    47. Marcos Corrêa

      Why? The @F1® Games From Codemasters, don't change the frontal grille of Mercedes Safety Car, in game F1 2020?

    48. Jorrit Schepen

      Bring red flags back!!

    49. Joshua-Jonathan Stein

      How is calling this song? 😅

    50. NPowa99

      Hopefully there won't be any more livery changes xD

    51. Mikael 1979

      Formula 1 2021 next gen XBoX Series X vs Real Life no difference😍

    52. sigid widyantoro

      Is it possible to get mugello in the update since it's already announced as one of the 2020 tracks?

    53. job seeker

      just got it...watching trailer while downloading

    54. balkan mafia

      When comes the demo for ps4

    55. chemyshkin

      Nice train simulator... again.

    56. Daan Meurs Power-YT

      IS there a update for the new black Mercedes or not?


      The CODEMASTER , it's time to create a DTM game with the same features and functionality as F1 2020. It would be great if you could create a team in Racenet like this IN GRID AUTOSPORT. The code above the nickname appears kamanda badge and the actual coloring of the car. What was the rating teams. I know if you really want it, you will make the DTM game even better than F1

    58. Official Boomtish214


    59. A. Rusyaidi

      Codemasters, I think you guys should buy MotoGP license from Milestone, or do collab with them.

    60. Damar Fadlan

      Epic game with MyTeam...

    61. cs Edu

      Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    62. Edvard Ekhem

      Where are my pit coins?

    63. Sindhu Sojan

      1:01 Ferrari getting lapped by a Mercedes

    64. BlockBuster9687

      What is that song name

    65. Kaue Ramos

      AMG Black?

    66. Plato Ry


    67. feel that

      When is the black Mercedes coming in?

    68. Vanex

      Can someone say if this game will be on PlayStation Now?

    69. Bonnie Class

      Like 😍

    70. Andre Dewar

      Finlly the new f1 game has come🇦🇹🇲🇽🇲🇫

    71. f1 drama

      you will still get classic cars in normal edition right??

    72. ZG* Jannik

      Why not on the Nintendo switch

    73. Joey Raets

      First patch 16gb still ferrari is 1 and 2 racing point needs a upgrade and please add the black merc livery

    74. Usman Siddique

      Does anyone have loading issues. Mine won’t go further than round 3 it just stays in loading screen. Edit : Now it’s refusing to start at all says game took too long to start. Was looking forward to my weekend off. FS

    75. PAL On XBOX


    76. Prashant Jha

      What is Jesus Christ doing in the Australian Grand Prix on my game??

    77. szewei85

      Haha. I already burn 30 hours since 7/7 with 1 day break in between.😷😷😄😆

    78. Fakhrul Zulkifli

      Is the sepang track in the game, just wanna know

      1. szewei85

        Nope. Dah tarak sejak F1 2018.

    79. Jeremy Jacob Wijaya

      Soo, is the Mercedes going to be silver, or will there be an update to make it black?



    81. Maya the Collie

      For me the clapping effects completely distort the car/team radio and it's really annoying, please make a bug fix maybe 14 to 15th of July

    82. Ricardo H89

      F1 2020 = F1 2019

    83. Need For Madness Auto

      *F1 2020 Song Name : Champion - Bishop Briggs*

      1. Viktor

        Tom Morello remix*

    84. Bruhh

      Is it only me who hasnt got their preorder credits yet?

    85. Backstaber 139

      Why isn't the Mercedes black

    86. R Buckley

      God I need money for this game

    87. Monti

      Amazing game. Hat off! Would be nice to have a deeper my career mode but otherwise amazing!

    88. SIROL 197

      Why do you don't put esthetic customization like nose, halo and the hole filter on pilot's seat from f1 2018 until now the last title(obviously without aerodynamic effects)?

    89. RSR

      I see the Schumacher edition, I smile! 🙂

    90. Geert Matthys

      Game crashes on xbox my team don't buy until fixed

    91. Royke

      Nice game👍👌

    92. Benedikt Hügel

      Song Name?

    93. CycloShard

      People be like: OMG I got this game on release day that means I'm an OG People who pre ordered Deluxe Schumacher Edition: Pathetic

    94. Leon Newnham

      Can you play with just a standard controller or do you need a setup

    95. The average F1,indycar fan

      I jsut bougth it im sooo ecited

    96. Luke Bowman

      Why is Xbox two patches behind? I haven’t gotten my coins from pre order and Ferrari needs to be downgraded

    97. Ayrton Serafim

      We wan't the mugello circuut

    98. gamerdude 1

      I get mine 13th couse they can't deliver it before😑

    99. Ezee Obregon

      And new livery the Mercedes?

    100. Формула 1 на Македонски

      Best F1 game so far, great job