F1® 2020 Podium Pass: Series 2 Trailer

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    Podium Pass Series 2 is about to begin! There are 30 new levels of free and VIP tiers to unlock, more challenges and some special items, including ‘We Race As One’ and ‘End Racism’ sets (helmet, gloves, suit and livery).
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      what a fake, im 35 years old not a kiddy who want fortnite moves in a race game, make a proper sim, give us a editor like forza has and skip this shitty podium pass, totaly nonsens, a ou yeah and online is the shittyest game ive ever played, maybe more dirty drivers than in 19, acc got safety rating, how about that ha noobmaster

    2. Broken Robot

      This mode would become infinitely better if we'd be given the ability to do small things like be able to customize our number color/font and add our engine supplier's decal to the car.

    3. Ayush2727

      the end racism and we race as one thing deseved to be on higher tiers but ik why u guys kept it at the bottom

    4. Commander Shepard

      Can you make some new tracks? i think a lot of gamers would pay for Mugello or Istambul dlc :))

      1. Rafa Firdaus

        @Commander Shepard if that is possible they would've done it by now.

      2. Commander Shepard

        @Rafa Firdaus they can copy past from old games ^^ there is just 2 or 3 new circuit

      3. Rafa Firdaus

        By the time they're done with one of them, F1 2021 would be released.

    5. VitinhoVMM

      Perfomance patch please

    6. Gabriel

      I think this customization is very limited, please do something like GT Sport or Forza has, allow players to search what other players have created.

    7. Stu Ben

      And this is why this game was a hard pass from me.

    8. lmao no

      Wait a min did i saw a New champagne spraying celebration?

    9. Lightening McQueen

      I already got the game, so I don't know how I'm gonna get this. And it looks like there won't be any of the extra circuits like Mugello, Nurburgring and Imola in the game anytime soon.

    10. Lee GTRacer3

      What a bunch of millennial crap. If they spent time developing a proper sim than this nonsense imagine what the game could be.

    11. TheMarine015

      I wish IMSA and WEC could work together and get licensed game out with this type of career structure. Be awesome to an in depth career mode running a GT or LMP program

      1. Fear Resides Within Us.

        This. Racing with Porsche’s GTLM team. Dammit hope this happens.

    12. Dacha44


    13. SebiX

      Codies, what do you think about making challenges where you can win Suits, Gloves or Helmet designs from legendary drivers?

    14. 코마

      No add to circuit?

    15. linterni Gamer

      Lets see if this update not cause that some parts of character's body like the head or the hands dissapear

    16. Panos Pavlidis

      IS IT ON OR NOT?

    17. Vandatte

      why car liveries are so ugly, instead make it so cool and suit the racing DNA

    18. Jack Leyden

      I’d love to see more helmets

    19. mugicha326

      we race as one!!!

    20. HydraDanGaming

      I mean it's a £45 game plus this It's a bit too much in my opinion but also why didn't you call it Paddock Pass?

    21. S P

      Just bought it

    22. CORprF1

      add the shoey please

    23. Sandeep Banerjee


    24. FieryDawn

      This is ridiculous. F1 should give the licence to someone who won't nickle and dime the audience. Codemasters has damaged the F1 brand.

      1. mia ria

        The games improve every year but is other ways deteriorate I don't know how big codemasters the company is but if they are this desperate for money then next year's game will start turning into EA games

    25. Inspecteur Noob 974

      And is it gonna be possible to have old podium pass things? Because i stil don’t have F1 2020 and I like something in the old one ( the 2019 RedBull Silverstone suit)

    26. Smiley


    27. MBAC


    28. flamie _


    29. Gaming With Nicko

      The level 14 helmet looks sick

    30. Fast Lap Games


    31. Hoplophobic

      Looks like they are going down the EA route. RIP f1

      1. Rafa Firdaus

        You do know it's all just cosmetics right? Like, you don't have to get it.

      2. Mika

        You dont need real money to buy podium pass. It uses in game money

    32. Genta Kurniawan

      Please make the car number's font customizable

    33. Andrew

      Why remove helmet designs from 2019? Very limited on choice in this game for designs compared to last years title. Bring them back and sell new designs.

    34. SPYROS_F15

      Me finally completed my first challenge in F1 2020 series 2 podium pass!My game: let's end that guys career; And it crashed

    35. IQ 17

      Remake the mocap for the podium celebration where the winner not reacting to the 2nd place driver pouring champagne on him.

    36. Abdul Muhaimin

      Series Pass is same as Season Pass

    37. 9NinetySix6

      A car-design-editor like Need for Speed Payback would be nice.

    38. Luke

      Custom helmet design editor! Want to be able to design own helmet from scratch in-game! (Please;)

    39. egg lord

      All the helmets look great!!, I'm hoping to get the helmet on the the top right(at the end part)

    40. Albert Chow

      do you have to buy the podium pass again if u've bought it in "series 1"?

      1. Twist

        probably yeah

    41. Antonio Russo

      If I didn't unlocked something of the past pass, will we have the things in the store one day?

    42. Wades

      add the possibility that we can put the same track twice in the career mode/myteam mode, please. For example: Austria, Austria, Hungary. add fisheye effect on T cam, please. Thank you

    43. Blackout76

      They actually made the VIP challenges more grindy 😂 winning 3 races from pole in China like are you serious?

    44. SWagGridstra 37

      ... DAMN

    45. TomásVieira _TSR

      Can u pls do a helmet editor, we all want it 😭

    46. F1 and MotoGP

      Not bad

    47. HYPER_F1_BOY YT

      That. Looks. Awsome.

    48. Hermann26

      I would like to see more levels, like I was done within a week and I like to do more challenges but wasting my time while getting no more XP after level 30. And more customisation for the helmet would be nice, for example the driver number or the flags of each country that is also in game already. Just simple things would make people happy. :] Anyway, keep up the good work. :]

      1. Hermann26

        @John Doe It takes you like 8 hours grinding in total to get to level 20. 8 hours of...what 2 months or how long was the first season out? You can do that easily, especially since there are TON of challenges.

      2. John Doe

        Maya Naumov yeah I understand that as well, but I’m in a higher education course in my school (I stay in school until 18) and I’m doing A Level English, so I don’t have a lot of free time anymore :(

      3. mia ria

        @John Doe f1 is a game of patience and skill and free time if you are in school during lockdown middle school does not give too much work so around 3 o clock the rest of the day is free

      4. Hermann26

        @John Doe A 50% league race is around half a level when you are above 20.

      5. John Doe

        How do you get the podium passes down so quickly? Does playing multiplayer get XP quicker than Career mode?

    49. Артём Герасимов

      Pay for old and ugly helmets Pay for old and ugly suits Pay for old and ugly liveries Pay for useless and ugly podium emotions Pay pay pay pay pay pay pay

      1. Rafa Firdaus

        It's all cosmetics. Calm down. You don't have to get it.

    50. Felice Battello Casillo

      Can we get more pitcoins whitout paying real money?!?! Because if not is unacceptable

      1. Felice Battello Casillo

        @Henry Linforth I dont have any pitcoins left I mean

      2. Felice Battello Casillo

        @Henry Linforth I ve complete everything but I don't have nothing else 😅😅

      3. Henry Linforth

        If you completed the original podium pass you should have enough pit coins from that to get this pass

    51. Craft Racer

      Performance patch?

      1. Jake F1 MB

        Edge that seems fair if I’m honest don’t forget we didn’t even start racing until July and we’re already getting a performance patch good job

      2. Wades


    52. Tate Gunn

      Already bought the pass

    53. Lewis Gilbert

      The amount of time we have had to wait with all the delays I hope its as good as you made out on twitter because those sneek peeks wernt that amazing they were good but yeah

      1. Lewis Gilbert

        @Blackout76 they made out on twitter it's going to be better than everyone's expectations

      2. Blackout76

        I just looked through podium pass and it has literally one helmet that looks good.

    54. Giovanni Keppler

      Will get screwcodemasters takes a time ABSURD to put the new ( that does not even bankroll the next because only comes 7,500 coins ) comes only ridicule helmet , horrible jumpsuits , podium animations pass shame congratulations codemasters besides mercenary in the pass still adds only TRASH

    55. season F1

      I want a helmet with a cooler design

    56. Andrea Trespi

      Instead of doing this, allow us to edit our helmets and liverys with an in-game editor (like Forza Motorsport's series)

      1. Nico 85

        @Marc Monge Agree

      2. Marc Monge

        The gran turismo one is the best

      3. Genta Kurniawan

        Yeah just like MotoGP too

    57. JP01

      Seb celebration is not the same noooo 😭😭😭

    58. Alexis Mignon

      Can’t wait to buy it

    59. Your Average Pete

      Please add the 2020 tracks as a dlc to the game or at least in 2021

      1. Your Average Pete

        @Miguel Thanks for the tips bro, appreciate it!

      2. Your Average Pete

        @bubabasoccer 13 ahhh that would be so epic!

      3. bubabasoccer 13

        @Your Average Pete yeah i think that could be a long-time Project which they have to work on for 2-3 years and it would be nice than to have the old calenders from 1997 where the last race was at jerez

      4. Miguel

        @Your Average Pete cool bro caring about grammar on yt comments get a life. If you aint 6 why cant you use google and just type that question and you get 3x Reddit threads 3x twitter threads

      5. Your Average Pete

        @bubabasoccer 13 I Agree, especially the classic tracks they had in f1 2013, but I do think if Codies were to bring out a legacy mode where You are able to race a full classic year career mode with a particular years cars and liveries, it would be pretty epic, but I guess it is easier said than done. But it would be cool.

    60. Michael Wilson

      Nice more micro transactions in a game I paid £65 for.

      1. Rafa Firdaus

        @Henry Linforth plus, it's all cosmetics. You don't have to get it.

      2. Henry Linforth

        If you completed the original podium pass you should have enough pit coins from that to get this pass

    61. Jake DoDat

      I've got an online services error 😢😢😢

      1. Jake DoDat

        Never minddddeddd lets goooooooooo

    62. CanadianFlash

      Can we have a more in debt livery editor

    63. Saad Khan

      Is this live now?

    64. Rafael Tsolakidis

      It has the Seb Vettel Bahrain dance emote!

      1. Ayush2727

        ye when I saw that I bouught the tiers to get it and use it

    65. thanoscar


      1. Ayush2727

        and the 2018

      2. Cześć Cześć


      3. ShadowitaX STK

        No from 2012-2013 they were awesome

      4. Kakashi

        lighting was the best

      5. Luke

        thanoscar 120% agreed!

    66. Trymacs Fails


    67. Morturiom

      So when are the new tracks and the real 2020 calander coming to the game?

      1. cringe furry man


      2. Kaïs 69


    68. GV Phoenix

      I know u worked hard to make F1 2020 and I appreciate that because it’s good but can u start making good F1 games on mobile that has pit stops weather conditions ect.Example:F1 2017 mobile and F1 2018 mobile and I know it will take long to make a realistic mobile game but i can wait I just need it to be confirmed but once it is I can wait 3 years just to have it on the app store

    69. Dylan Racing

      How much coins does the pass cost

      1. Felipe GG

        @Henry Linforth i buy the game last week

      2. Henry Linforth

        If you completed the original podium pass you should have enough pit coins from that to get this pass

      3. Noah Edwards

        @Felipe GG yeah ik

      4. Felipe GG

        @Noah Edwards f

      5. Noah Edwards

        Certainly 9500

    70. Joe woz ere

      Looking forward to it

    71. Evan Laluan

      somebody comments now

      1. Marco Dwi S