F1® 2020 Safety Car Guide

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    The Safety Car has the potential to turn a Formula 1® race entirely on its head, opening up new strategies or throwing old ones out the window.
    Make the most of the opportunity with this guide 👍🏻
    00:00 - Intro
    00:22 - What is the Safety Car?
    01:04 - The Safety Car Procedure
    01:55 - Managing your Car
    02:28 - Your Big Opportunity
    03:20 - Ready to Race Again
    04:00 - Virtual Safety Car
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    1. [Kangiru] Noah

      i want a mod where you drive the safety car in this game

    2. Tellos6539

      I think on the future you can put an option to drive the saefty car

    3. Anthony dacres

      What r u thinking selling to EA Goodbye peace out😨

    4. Дмитрий Иванов

      My safety car does not leave in F1 2020, there are no accidents! All options are enabled, I play on PS4! What to do?

    5. ArixGamer 17

      Deberia haber algun tipo de Subtitulo :(

    6. 1988Carlsberg

      The Safety Car is also not correct in the game as lapped cars don’t overtake and join the back of the queue. Let’s say that I am the leader and two lapped cars are between me and second, they won’t then overtake like they should do! They just sit there and get out the way when the Safety Car comes in. Basically then putting themselves down an extra lap! So again another problem that needs to be corrected. Also the Circuits need to be modelled better. Like the exit kerbs at Barcelona at turn 5, for example.

    7. szewei85

      Haha cool

    8. Josh Scorpius

      I'm still planning to buy this game. I got the F1 2019 V1.22 and I'm about to terminate the game but not all the rewards I have gained on PS4 because I'm not more faster than 110% AI racers.

    9. Martinko Plechaty

      I got turn safety car on but still, when there is crash with like 2 cars and they are in the middle of the road, safety car don't come to track. Help someone please. Or it's just a bug?

    10. Justin McLaughlin

      The safety car guide is...don’t buy the game because the safety car glitches ruin it

    11. Anyway SS-Mann

      its normal safety car here!!!!

    12. mia ria

      Why do you get a penalty for corner cutting when the saftey car delta is up you can't gain time during the saftey car delta

    13. Bob Zob

      bark dog

    14. Lance Stonks

      I like how they used grosjean's car for the bumping driver part

    15. Fiona MacDowall

      F1 should add safety car mode were the player drives and controls the safety car

    16. CaptainRoti

      This could have prevented the massive pile-up at yesterday's Tuscany GP

    17. Danny Brooks

      Season 2 and I’ve had 2 safety cars when in my save the safety car should of come out it never did

    18. CallMeMoon

      I don't know if it's the same for everyone but it is extremely rare to get a safety car for me. I've had cases where 3-4 cars crashed and just parked on the road and still no safety car. Now in around season 3 on team career and I got exactly 1 safety car back in season 1. Codemasters fix this please. (yes I have safety car turned on I'm not a spoon)

    19. Kauê Pulga

      Nice Work Codemasters , I love vou all

    20. mammakamel

      The problem with the safety car in F1 2020 is that its acutally accelerating faster than the slower teams. Ive been behind it, and it absolutely destorys in a straight line.

    21. Kretox


    22. Pro McSnipe

      Hi Codemasters, in regards to the F1 2020 game, I found the cars to be very unrealistic, the Ferraris are too fast, this is inaccurate as the Ferrari engine is the least powerful engine this year, and could you implement a feature which determines the right AI difficulty for you. Thank you

    23. Scheffel

      since this year real life f1 us using different track configurations on basicaly every venue next year game could use that letting players set a bunch of alternative tracks on tracks that allow this

    24. Weststarrr

      Its so funny when you want to show thar crashing under SC is bad and use Romain as example xD love it xd

    25. Bosco24

      Safety Car Is Unstoppable, Mostly Un destructible.

    26. AJ Kuo

      damn i was wishing theres a safety car mode in the game where you drive the safety car instead lol

    27. Cleared Hot

      Love how they use Grosjean as the guy bumping into other cars.

    28. Carlos Santos Expósito

      I'd say that SC is the only really really bad thing F1 2020 has

    29. Pl4er One

      I've never Had a safety car because it was Raining too much

    30. Agustín Barzallo

      It's easy to know that this video is about a game. Because a ferrari is leading😂😂😂😂

    31. Modelinii

      why is there still in the game mercedes amg gt s as safety car as from 2018 the safety car is mercedes amg gt r?

    32. Fettah Eker

      I can't unsee the fact that everyone can see he is playing on keyboard... It frustrated me I can't even read what he is saying bcs of that

    33. Bryce Bacon

      In reality if doing a 25% race you will only ever get the virtial safety car and the marshalls will not clear the track of the car. Its usually off im a corner or parked on side of road whe n i resume racing

    34. StratisGaming

      **Uses Monaco in torrential rain to show SC** *_I bet there were heroics into Ste. Devote_*

      1. StratisGaming

        @F1® Games From Codemasters lmao y e s also cant believe i got a reply from the channel lol

      2. F1® Games From Codemasters

        "Should have listened to Jeff" 😥

    35. RF1 Platinum

      This year’s in game vsc and full sc are more broken than almost anything else. Please. I beg of you Codies. Fix it

      1. dakoach


      2. RF1 Platinum

        dakoach no

      3. dakoach

        I feel like I know you

    36. IMTHEBBQ

      You cant finish a race behind the safety car and im angry about that

    37. TheMaxVerstappenFanatic33

      A ustedes le salen SC? Xd

    38. VelezSport TV

      Jogo cheio de leg!!! Arrumem isso, esta uma vergonha

    39. SilenceAndSquall

      bruh they picked grosjean for the penalty section lmao

    40. KevvuZkin

      love how the "dont crash into other cars" clip was done with a haas

    41. Nicolas Barua


    42. Charles Leclerc

      why it is not the amg gtr?

    43. EMS Productions

      Would be nice to see the safety car actually come out in my career. Literally had it once in a season and a half. Bunch of VSCs but never a full SC

    44. Jonathan Bovier

      *laughs painfully in F1 2019*

    45. twenty2

      Started my second MyTeam season on Sunday, and have never seen the SC only the VSC


      There’s a glitch for me where everyone just drives past the safety car and gets disqualified

    47. Allan 23k

      When will we have safety car is split screen?

    48. Sam

      "may get a penalty:" you will absolutely get a penalty even if its not your fault

    49. Robert Hildebrandt

      3:47 : This is wrong! Overtaking is only allowed again once the safety car enters the pits and drivers have passed the start/finish line!

    50. BTW CLAN

      A new Helmet from Lewis Ham

    51. AbdurRahman Qayyum

      safety car does not come

    52. Liz Halfpenny

      Lol I always make the ai crash so that I get the safety car and a free pit stop

    53. Kigndaivd 2016

      F1 drivers: *Drives normally* Safety Car: *Sicko mode*

    54. Sumedh Deshpande

      Every GP shown here has its home driver!!👍👍 Nostalgic people

    55. Crampii

      Last time I was leading the pack under safety car and an idiot took me out with 300kmh and I got a ridiculous 5 second penalty. Then when try to overtake cars and get back to 1st the game said those are illegal overtakes! I mean honestly current safety car settings have a huge problem that allow dirty drivers to ruin the race and it need to be fixed!

    56. SchiftyTV

      big strategy on SC... but your AI doesnt use it as bug strategy they stick on what they got at the start, how many time i saw driver pitting a lap after the SC come back in the pit

      1. SchiftyTV

        oh yeah can i add... its always , virtual SC first incident what ever it is and the second its always a full SC XD come on..... cant code a SC properly for an incident

    57. Rodolfo Giorgi

      Add the new circuitssssss

    58. Darrell Lopez

      Codemasters, could you include a fix in the next patch for the safety car deployment? The safety car is non existent on my game. Please and thank you! 😁

    59. Evan Nadeau

      3:55 should’ve done this with grosjean in Azerbaijan

    60. Alejandro Cruz

      Codemasters! Add some older can’t like the 50s 60s 70s 80s and if you at least put 50s and 60s I will still be fine just add more cars

      1. Alejandro Cruz

        This message had AutoCorrect


      And the Red Flag???

    62. Anıl Keskinbaş

      Waiting for Turkish GP uptade

    63. Toiletten Ninja

      Can you please bring a Corona DLC Pack for F1 2021 with these tracks Mugello Nürburgring Imola Algarve/Portimao Turkey and the Oval layout of the Bahrain Cirucit when it will come to the current F1 calendar

    64. bob chan

      "Grosjean spined" F1 2020 is so real.

    65. Federico MARCHETTI

      Ready to race again: don’t bump/crash into other drivers. And the driver is..... ROMAIN GROESJEAN 👏

    66. Cub Cadet XT1

      Remove VSC. It's useless

    67. Matthias Borremans

      Also official F1 game Uses wrong Mercedes as safety car 🤔🤔

    68. Tropicaljoey

      Im in my 4 year in my team and i have only had the SC 1 time, and the VSC 2 times... Why it dont come more times? And yes the SC is on

    69. nikitos

      only i don't have safety cars in this game?

    70. ととけい

      It's weired that I met SC in every race that allow SC appeared.

    71. zam13

      done 16 50% races and haven't seen it yet...

    72. De luca

      I think u should make guide about fule mix too...

    73. bruno rojas

      I would like to have the master code make the f2 drivers who promote such an academy as from the academy from ferrari to alfa romeo, or I would like to see that they have as a valuation they have more provalidity of ascending to F1, since in the game ascend drivers who in my view have very little provality, I would like to see schumacher asen a alfa romeo , and the other thing that they like alpha romeo a ferrari or from william to mercedes, alpha tauri to redbull, and that they assault the new F2 drivers would be a game if they do that, I hope they add one of these things that I said.

    74. F1_MGR3T

      instead of making videos, improve the cuts of the track that are ridiculous in the opinion of the community ... then the real f1 can be cut more and why not here? obviously I mean the STRICT cut which is bad please improve it

    75. Hilton Tadi

      I wish there was an opportunity to drive the safety car in the 2020 game

    76. Matthew Goo

      Should get the guys from veloce to voice / make these.

    77. Kayhan Baltian

      The Safety Car Is A Mercedes Benz SLS-AMG If I Don't Wrong

    78. Marco Gattolin

      Can you just put the real safety car, the mercedes amg gtr?


      Where is new update

    80. IMCilon

      I never even get safety car on 50% race, fix ur game codies

    81. Amir Azraei

      you guys should consider make the marshal a bit more realistic

    82. Zsolt Kormányos

      "Your big opportunity" Ferrari Strategists: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

    83. NeWaluigi44

      SC and VSC are broken in Hanoi... Time to fix it 🙄

    84. Wimmboeck 19

      This music sounds a bit like the F1 2006 championship Edition Menu music this is epic

    85. Apophis STR

      Still can’t get the image of the danger car flipping 2 cars in Monaco out of my head

    86. hallo Hallo HALLO

      Red flag

    87. Remco Bos

      So i just started my team and i drive a honda power unit and i noticed that i don't have any honda logos or even pirreli logos comon guys "its all about detail" - max verstappen spain 2018

      1. zynx

        Remco Bos They are the laziest company I have seen so it’s unlikely they will do that. There are no licensing issues, but they just don’t do it because they don’t want to, or they don’t listen to fans. Expect that as a feature for F1 2023 game. Since it already took them 5 years to add common sponsors on helmets. smh. Let’s hope they do it.

    88. JPH Gaming

      Why aren't you allowed to un-lap yourself during a safety car? Its allowed in real life if I'm not mistaken?

    89. SafePeak

      Its cool that they implemented the feature that if it rains too much the safety car comes out

    90. mia ria

      In f1 2019 the saftey car only comes out if a car stops on the main straight

    91. WSNBM 1908

      Never seen one SC. Always VSC in My Team.

    92. Morgan Kendall

      I have had just 2 SC in 39 career races so this isn't relevant to me

    93. Omair Bhore

      "or the track conditions are unsafe to drive in" is that possible in the game? I thought it was just crashes that brought out safety car

      1. dsf0501

        No it's not. But they really need to implement a race start behind the SC if it's heavy raining! Like in Germany 2019

      2. Lyzurd

        Same, I never new that!

    94. frank jones

      When came livery updates and the f2 cars from this year?

    95. roasting miner

      Still dont hve the right car for safety car😑

    96. PanSearedDucklet

      Online is the worst for safety cars, break checking you and penalties left, right and central, they still need to fix that, they crash into me and I get a penalty lol

    97. Beppolos LoMarche

      The safety car exist in f1 2020??

    98. Iceman

      Why’s Ferrari leading?

    99. TerisLP

      I've never saw a safety car in 2 seasons of the my team Carrier with 50 or 100% races whats ging on?

      1. Lord74

        Me either. Only two VSC in 65 GPs. 🙌🍾

    100. Dawid Włoch

      So the safety car can show up if there is massive rain???