F1 Esports 2021 Xbox Challengers, Presented by Aramco - Event 1, Races 1 and 2

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    Sixteen players qualified for the Xbox Challengers by taking part in the 'F1 Esports' specific events in F1 2020. Catch up on the first event of the Xbox F1 Esports Challengers right here! Our 16 competitors take on the first two races, Vietnam and China, in their fight to qualify for the big leagues - the F1 Esports 2021 Pro Exhibition!
    Want to know more about the Challengers? Find out all you need to know with our guide: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/f1-esports-challengers-giude
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      Want to know more about the Challengers? Our guide will help: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/f1-esports-challengers-giude Make sure you join us live from 7pm GMT on the 23rd December for the PC side right here: twitch.tv/formula1

    2. Stijn Nijhof

      Why has the intro been cut out?

    3. Alex Kpc

      No TRL Limitless??? :( :( :(

      1. Alex Kpc

        No extra rotation...

    4. Peter Eriksson

      Clenzo no 1

    5. WrFy- MxChicken

      I know so many guys on this Grid because they are in the same league as trl limitless

    6. Martín Sanchez


      1. Box Box Box Gaming

        you're the one who is nice