F1 Esports 2021 PS4 Challengers, Presented by Aramco - Event 1, Races 1 and 2

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    Catch up on the first event of the PS4 F1 Esports Challengers right here! Our 16 competitors take on the first two races, Vietnam and China, in their fight to qualify for the big leagues - the F1 Esports 2021 Pro Exhibition!
    Want to know more about the Challengers? Find out all you need to know with our guide: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/f1-esports-challengers-giude
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    1. Adreng20

      In the game it coulis be nice if we had like Winther testing and pit lane start and if u could drive the reserve and test drivers maybe an Update for 2021 and if nk or ea buyes codemasters then il refound all my f1 games

    2. divebomb Fun4U

      BDG Gull won the second race don't forget his on pad

      1. V19 Secondaire

        And he is French !

    3. The Zeon5

      I literally thought for a sec, that your announcing F1 2021 lol

      1. Panda 007

        But i think EA will annouce it enyway

      2. Panda 007

        You aren't the only one

    4. Conor Fagan

      A rare sight of Alex Albon after the 2020 season

    5. Diego Miguel Menjivar Ochoa

      How do I become an f1 esports pilot?

      1. V19 Secondaire

        Train train train train and do the f1 esport qualifying

      2. divebomb Fun4U

        @Man Of Racing Your right there was an event where if you win you qualify for the esports

      3. Man Of Racing

        @Diego Miguel Menjivar Ochoa i think in the game, there simetimes can be a event. I can be completely wronk btw so I'm not sure

      4. Diego Miguel Menjivar Ochoa

        @Man Of Racing What kind of challenge?

      5. Man Of Racing

        I think you have to do some kimd of a Challenge