F1 Esports: Closing The Reality Gap

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    Time's running out to qualify for the F1 Esports 2020 Pro Draft! Need some extra motivation for setting your score? We've got just the thing! You've got until 23:59 GMT, Tuesday 19th November 2019 to set your score.
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    1. SaltyDVa - Overwatch & Gaming Discussion

      Put subs when Valsecchi speaks pls

    2. Kruno Lovrich

      F1 2019, why AI dont have penalty when they cause accident on me ? The game is good, but why AI is so protected ?

    3. Fabio Contier

      Codemaster F1 is expensive, it is full of errors and the company does not fix anything, enters the forum and nobody serves you. bad company. To get the rights to Formula 1, it would have to be a big company, not a mobile gaming company. F1 2019 I regret buying it.

    4. CosareNL

      F1 Mobile Racing...Wherever…..Whenever….Official F1 game....If you love racing and F1 you will love this game as well...Play it on your Phone...Free to play….Race you laterrrr!!!!!

    5. Joanimater

      There should be f2 esports, so that the people in the f2 esports, will graduate into f1 esports if they win championships, and the drivers academy can still be the same

    6. Henrix98

      Add VR

    7. Miguel Medina

      Wanna read something sad?... ...My family right now can't even afford a Console, nor Sim Steering Wheel or Sim Pedals ;"V...

    8. Rab

      At the higest level they should be racing in cockpit view... no ifs or buts

      1. Miguel Medina

        *_Yes!_*_ Exactly!!!_ I think the same, no matter what game or against who I'm "driving", I always use the cockpit view no matter what car or category. Of course in an F1 it's easier to see the track from the TV camera, so they all should race with the cockpit one as a real driver... Nonetheless, they are all fast anyway, always finding the perfect points for everything, but they would improve more if they raced in the "real driver's view"...

    9. Crusard Modding

      Imagine if F1 was fair and everyone would drive the same car and it's all about the driver and the team.

      1. Lolo0815

        You don't understand F1 at all, do you?

    10. オタクRadPadGER

      Plz add VR Headsets Support ^^ But I still love your game :D

    11. Metro Vivat

      It is impossible to win a start in the rain, the difficulty is 95-100%. Where did you get five (5) ERS operation modes ??? This makes driving extremely difficult. Lando Norris said they have nothing of the kind; there is only one boost button. From now on, without a demo version, I will not buy anything from you. F1 2019 = Imbalance in everything. Thanks for your attention.

      1. ARRadiation

        @オタクRadPadGER it would take 3 - 5 years for a decent dev company to make an actual realistic F1 Game. Codemasters is the EA of motorsport games

      2. Metro Vivat

        @オタクRadPadGER To make ERS, one button in the form (KERS), you need to spend 20 years? Are you serious?)) I'm not a developer hater, no. On the contrary, I really love F1. I can say that I really liked the parts of F1 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017 = this was done for people, humanly. Parts F1 2018, 2019 = bullying people. I do not take seasons 2014, 2015 into account, they are simply not interesting.

      3. ToastmitSchoko

        Actually, this sounds stupid but, JUST GET BETTER, it is possible... Also, 5 ERS modes isnt hard..

      4. オタクRadPadGER

        It's not impossible... Make an own setup (or take one from the steam Workshop), practice a bit and drive good ^^ Maybe the game isn't in everything real, but nothing can top the reality in the next years. Maybe in 1,3,5,10 or 20 or much more years have we the game that is realistic enought to be realistic ^^