F1® Esports Qualifying Guide for Beginners

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    F1® Esports Qualifiers are a great way to test your skills and see how you compare on the world stage. 🏆
    In this guide we'll look at the F1® Esports Qualifiers, how they work, and how you can succeed. 😎
    00:00 - Intro
    00:22 - Qualifiers Explained
    01:04 - Why Compete?
    02:26 - Getting Ready to Race
    03:28 - The Main Event
    04:40 - Improving your Score
    📘 Facebook: formula1game
    🐦 Twitter: formula1game
    📺 TRlocal: trlocal.info
    📸 Instagram: formula1game
    🌍 Website: www.formula1game.com/2020
    💬 Forums: forums.codemasters.com
    🏆 F1 Esports: www.f1esports.com
    #F12020game #F1Esports #F12020

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    1. YEET

      Are there also mobile tournaments or only ps4

    2. Mertay Alaca

      We need Turkish Grandprix !!

    3. Simracing Channel

      I had no Score why?

    4. BiTcH PleAsE

      When are you guys introducing the new tracks? Please can we get an update?

    5. Andrew Raynes

      Up against pro esports racers I would look about as good as Mahaveer Raghunathan

      1. Abdul Muhaimin

        Bruh... Did you know what he age does?

    6. Nightmare Demons

      Stupid that you cant qualify on playstation. But the other question is are you competetive with a Controller?

      1. acee

        U can be

    7. José Antônio Rocha carvalho

      Rookies and amateurs

    8. N3X VIJA

      Hope they add the 2020 F2 liveries into the game

    9. The Racing Nerd

      How old do I have to be?

      1. The Game Vault

        18 rated

      2. The Braking Point

        16 years old

      3. The Game Vault


    10. Nico NoVaz

      I‘m playing 2016 again, 2020 has boring ki and around 382926 Bugs

      1. Nico NoVaz

        @Edward Jam never did that guess im just too bad 🤡 From my POV im enjoying the game

      2. FeRiTY

        AI in 2016 sucks

    11. Leon Polat

      Me: This could be fun! Missing PS-Plus: Let me introduce myself....

    12. Astro Sleep

      Me thinking I could do this: yeah sounds fun Also me: *controller goes slowww*

    13. Wades

      4 months for performance patch ! Congrats, lazy guys :)

      1. Asinine

        Every time there's a new F1 game, I'm like awesome, now to wait 3 months till online is stable.

      2. The Racing Nerd

        They are trying to get data. Quit complaining. At least you got an F1 game this year.

      3. Job van Tuijl

        If we're lucky it will be in time for f1 2021

      4. Kenneth25

        What are you ungrateful for? The games good and we’re in a pandemic id like to see you try and do the performance patch

      5. Simone Marra

        I know, maybe the pandemic slowed thing down