F1® Mobile Racing | Update 7 Trailer | #NextLevel

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    Ready to go to the #NextLevel?
    Update 7 for F1® Mobile Racing brings major updates to Duel mode, R&D and much more, including the introduction of Elite Leagues and Legendary R&D parts.
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    1. Nicolas Ferreira Santos

      Eu queria muito jogar mas meu celular é de 16gb e esse jogo é só pra 32gb

    2. RAJ7Y Gaming

      We need f1 2020 but for mobile please can codemasters do it will be the best thing u do for us

    3. GV Phoenix

      Yeah just image if f1 2020 of 2019 was on mobile oh my gosh it would be lit with career modes and stuff like that ‘pit stops’

    4. cyril james casinillo

      When will Vietnam finally here in f1 mobile racing

    5. Nathan Sanches

      Option is wet

    6. tani calderon

      Me: Mom can we have f1 2020? Mom: We have f1 2020 at home F1 2020 at Home:

    7. Nathan Sanches

      Is day f1 2020 mobile ???


      Coloquem replay dos duelos nesse jogo

    9. Jet969ro0 _

      Still waiting for the 8th.

    10. T R

      Of course the driver number was 68

    11. Hendra Kwan

      your game its very good. very amazing. but, please add podium scene and commentary, i am sure this game will be BEST racing game on mobile

    12. juan ardila

      Update f1 2020?

    13. Michal Grešlík

      Why IS F1 mobile racing only for IOS

    14. Franwl96

      Upgrade sound of the car

    15. SG 7104C

      Please Make Pit Stops And More Realistic AI In F1 2020 Plz! I Need More Competitive Battles!!!

    16. Bakkaopjeakka

      Why there aren’t pitstopt in this game?

    17. 五元

      What can change to driver view

    18. Asendes

      Please 60 FPS better atoposhphic graphics and make it like f1 mobile racing 2016 and pit stops and make f1 2016 free

    19. Asendes

      Can we get something we need PIT stops not SKINS we need better graphics like the pc can you stop pits stop and better graphics make it like F1 2016

    20. Tommy1703

      What's the name of this song?!

      1. Miguel Celestino

        I'don know

    21. _muha1min_

      Put pit stop

    22. Vasilis 3300

      Why you haven't got the halo?

    23. Alsan 4931

      What the minimum specification for playing this game?

    24. maximiliano Manueh

      can they port this to pc?

    25. Diran Oliveira

      Jogo ruim,o 2016 era bem melhor

    26. Pedro Silvo

      O pior jogo do mundo n pode fazer pist stop nem decidir qual peneu ir nem controlar o tempo e nem ir como o helmilton tipo não da para ser piloto nem tem equipe melhoras

    27. MasterGaming Nic

      Update 8 better have weather changes, pit stops and a championship against the noob AIs. It doesn’t have to be like f1 2019 pit stop but like a f1 2016 mobile pit stop.

    28. CosareNL

      Wow,I made the cutt.59 secondes in to it,30th place.CosareNL.I am at the moment 16th :)

      1. Jordi Avz

        @Wakanda Foreva ok but as you said, we dont care

    29. Bruninho Oliveira Aguiar

      Make it compatible with tier 3 phones

    30. Metro Vivat


    31. Squozerr plays

      Why not grid start online 20 cars 20 players around the world instead of racing with computer

      1. Wakanda Foreva

        f1 mobile racing is full with dirty drivers...

    32. VeQ Be

      i want 60 fps on adreno 509 Snapdragon 636 😞

    33. Joanimater

      In 2020, or in a 2019 update, can you update your damage model to make it more realistic?

    34. Davide Brugnoli

      Why you don't add the controller Compatibility and the flashbacks in championships or singles races

    35. Christofer Joao Cedeño Gutierrez

      I can't found this game in my Samsung Galaxy j4+ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    36. Fancy Turtle

      Cool intro song!👌

    37. Wesley Lima

      como baixar e Instalar esse jogo porque apareceu que não é compatível e disse que tem como baixar mesmo assim queria saber como é???

    38. Bryant Gold

      Too many bugs that the duel mode isn’t exciting. Let’s trade duel mode for career mode. I get a call during the race I loose points bcos can’t pause, some dirty driver uses me as a wall around the corner and I get punished??? Fix or I’m ditching the game like a bad habit

      1. Wakanda Foreva

        the game is based on duels. Its a multiplayer game, without duels you will not progress into the game, that is why they made a huge duels update. And i dont belive they will add career mode because the game is obviously a career mode but its just events duels and you and single player races up to 15 laps. To have a like kind of a career mode you can start single player races from australia to abu dhabi. On australia you dont use any parts and the car is completly 0 performance points because the difficult ai has 0 performance points. And if you go to like spain you can put like 1 or 2 parts to upgrade your car and so on till abu dhabi. And you calculate the points of every ai and you for every race from australia till abu dhabi. The driver with most points becomes world champion. Thats a career mode right there.

    39. Nikhil Naik

      bring race replay

    40. Levi Van Alphen

      The account in trailer has the number 69😉😉

    41. Yasar Arafat

      They should make career mode like provided for PC. Also they should have make the game to have flags especially black for dirty players..

    42. Dani Fekete

      I want a "watch replay" mode or option

    43. Sasukes

      El juego es bastante malo en comapracion con el realizado en 2016, no entiendo por qué cambiasteis las fisicas y controles respecto a ese año las cuales son bastante mas reales que estas, las actuales son una basura y no te hacen divertirte ademas de que me parece penoso que todos los vehiculos de la temporada sean de pago, que por algo jugamos al juego es por usar los coches de la temporada no unos inventados con unos diseños bastante mejorables

    44. Miguel Medina

      Well, unlike some other people I don't have complains but, Can we have the full Halo in the Cockpit view? I would appreciate if you could answer me...

    45. David Nguyen

      I want pit stops

      1. Matteo Noventa


    46. Loukos por Simulação

      Modo campeonato com as voltas completa com pit stop com todos os tipos de pneus

    47. Dung Q Nguyen

      Fix the bugggggggggggggg

    48. Jens van der Heijden Karting

      Just do the same as 2016 Nobody likes this

      1. Wakanda Foreva

        f1 2016 sucks

    49. AnonymousRealist

      1:23 the only true to actual gameplay footage in this trailer

      1. Musa Usman

        AnonymousRealist lol 😂

    50. Chris B

      Still just waiting for a proper f1 game to come out with pit stops career and actual races other than f1 2016 iOS

      1. Asendes

        Chris B yes

      2. Harry Redshaw

        F1 2020 Mobile for android and ios would be great

    51. Marko Jovanovski


    52. Alex Donaghy

      Grazie regazzi

    53. sebastiano magistrelli

      Forza ferrari

      1. Prawnik Koprolitiego

        Forza Williams XDDD

      2. The MalWare

        Random 113 nice salt

      3. pyton_ely ah19


      4. pyton_ely ah19

        not froza NIKI

      5. Marko Jovanovski

        @JP01 better than merc winning