F1® Mobile Racing | 2020 Season Update Trailer

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    Download the official free-to-play F1 mobile game now ⬇
    Android: goo.gl/dMioT3
    iOS: itunes.apple.com/gb/app/f1-mobile-racing/id1343820018?mt=8
    We’re very happy to announce the arrival of the F1® 2020 season to F1® Mobile Racing, an official mobile game of the FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™! Players have access to the current line-up of teams, cars, drivers, helmets and circuits, including the brand-new Circuit Zandvoort. Hanoi Circuit will follow in a separate update at the end of May as part of a street circuit in-game event.
    Free to download and play, F1® Mobile Racing allows you to create your F1® car complete with colour scheme, livery and performance upgrades or use the official cars of the 2020 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™. Take to the grid and race against official F1® teams and other racers in time-limited Grand Prix™ Events for big rewards and combine scores over each event to rank on global leader boards. You can also take on other competitors online in one-on-one Duels to move up the global Leagues and complete countless Challenges.
    This isn’t everything though! This year 2020 marks a celebration with Formula 1® looking back at 70 years of the FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™, and F1® Mobile Racing will host an in-game 70th Anniversary Championship. Starting in May, you’ll be able to participate in a one-off GP Event at five of the iconic circuits from the 1950 Championship, competing to earn special 70th Anniversary in-game prizes.
    Since we launched F1® Mobile Racing in October 2018, we’ve launched in 155 countries and had over 18 million downloads. “We know our players will be excited by the first major 2020 update of the year and there is still a lot more to come,” said Vincent Meulle, Executive Producer at Codemasters. “We are excited to launch Circuit Zandvoort, and later in the month Hanoi Circuit, but we don’t stop there and have big surprises and features coming later in the season.
    Our players want the most authentic experience possible on their mobile devices and with the new 2020 season update F1® Mobile Racing continues to deliver the action and excitement they crave.”
    Stay up to date with all F1® Mobile Racing news by following the Codies Blog, as well as the game’s Facebook group, Twitter and Instagram channels.

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    1. Eduardo Felipe


    2. Valdecir Moura Moura

      Não o norris

    3. HaRRuNNツ

      Adding Career Mode should br good, also a Pit Stop, and add Friendly Races like to play eith your friend..

    4. Andrei M. Moreno

      Okay I hope everyone already knows this but... If they add all of the features It will take up more than it needs to so be patient while they try to add them without that happening and they probably already know that they need to add them

    5. KAI 2000

      The car sounds should be different (not the customs car though) pls changed it. And the Mercedes skin can you guys change into black?

    6. VINO GAMING 1987

      PLEASE UPDATE F1 2016!!!!!!

    7. Daniel Dimonte

      Hi There! I'm a Content Partnerships Representative with BroadbandTV (BBTV). I’m reaching out to discuss a potential partnership opportunity between BBTV and your channel. Let me know if you're interested in seeing some info! Would love to chat.

    8. Armando Reyna

      You can do an f1 game for mobile but not for the switch?

    9. Eron Sebastian Ermino

      atleast make the Gameplay realistic like the steering wheel and add more laps

    10. Jordi Avz

      This game is dead. You should expand single mode if you want to keep updating it

    11. Ethan Roberts

      Yet Codemasters doesn’t want to update F1 2016 which has way better graphics and mechanics

    12. Simon Stevkovski

      Is there gonna be a championship like on F1 MOBILE RACING same as on an XBOX

    13. Marc Monge

      I pay 70€ while phone gamers have the game free...

    14. Auto Cubing

      Pit stop we want

    15. TV

      DRS doesn't open!

    16. Kenny Ren

      Is it just me who thinks that the acceleration of the car in F1 mobile is way to slow. Besides, driving 200km/h in the game is like 100km/h actually... hope you guys can improve it

    17. Michelle Klostermann

      Update pls because can not Login

    18. Le Se

      I habe no w lan in the game, why.

    19. Spendian Peiris

      If you could add pitstops the game will be so fun

    20. Talal Alsubaie

      Can u fix this update for ios device its now 3 days and u did not do any thing i play the game all the time

    21. AJ 70

      Not compatible man 0 star rating from me

    22. İbrahim Talha Özalp

      Please change AI drivers

    23. GV Phoenix

      Can you please make an update where the game can be offline so I can play at school

    24. Muhammad Ahmad Jumasa

      Please ban drivers intentionally crashed other drivers out. They are not drivers enjoyed what a racing is, they are only want to win but with unfair way. They will destroy this game community. Please. I just want to win or lose fair and square. Thanks!

    25. Sadikur Rahman

      At least the we'll be able to drive around the Zandvoort and Hanoi tracks before the F1 2020 game is released

    26. hasan çolak

      game is very bad gameplay very bad graphics very bad

    27. TheProCars

      Nice video 😊

    28. charly1333mtz

      Fix the AI! if you brake the AI crash you and makes you fly like a bird

    29. Stxxlth.



      Is there a career mode in the game because i will download the game back instantly

    31. Tim Stars Nl

      Why no zandvoord

    32. Nhung Nguyễn

      Have a pitstop

    33. GV Phoenix

      Can you please do a Zandvoort track gameplay so I can get ready for the race and study what it looks like and what apex to break and what speed I go on that corner without spinning out please

    34. Karan Jain

      Stupid game

    35. M Pfoertner

      since the update, i cant get into the game anymore, it always says that theres no connection to the servers although i have good internet

    36. Moses Ade

      Can we at least get all tracks

    37. Angelo Greco

      Finally,but codemasters don't improve the game.


      Best Game ever !!! 😎

      1. VINO GAMING 1987

        Why,Even though in this game there is no Pits stop

      2. VINO GAMING 1987


    39. Jun Ket Lam

      Still no mini map...

    40. Leonardo L.M.

      Where is Vettel? The 4 time World Champion

    41. deaennnn

      Pls add a career mode for mobile

    42. Zireael

      Isn't this the game where you pay 11.99 FOR EACH CAR? Lmfao, I played this two years ago and sent it to the bin right after. Also, people ram you out of the circuit, you get a speed penalty and lose points.

    43. Giovanni Rizzoli

      We have f1 on mobile but what about Nintendo switch perhaps? That is the question

    44. Jose Montilla

      Zandvoort and vietnam?

    45. Dominik Pajki

      Is it just me or. I am getting that "cant find your internet" thing. My internet is fine. I tried everything. Its just loading ans loading. (Android)

      1. Splatt

        @Iviša kako to

      2. Iviša

        @Splatt install vpn

      3. Iviša

        @mrchilliosful install vpn

      4. Iviša

        install vpn

      5. Splatt

        im getting "enable your wifi or disable airplane mode"and my wifi is rly good idk

    46. Oscar Rafone

      The new sound is very bad

    47. mmcfly566

      Just port this to Switch can’t be too difficult

    48. yeet delete

      Real life team steering wheels and more camera modes and the game is perfect


      Are there already Vietnam and Zandvoort on the game

    50. Jan Boerkamp

      After this update and the latest iOS update, it cannot connect to the server... HELP!! (internet is connected and working although the game says that this might be the cause)

      1. Iviša

        @Jan Boerkamp I am on android and using Turbo VPN, try that VPN it may work

      2. Jan Boerkamp

        Thanks for your answer, unfortunately didn’t it help me... Any other ideas??

      3. Iviša

        Install vpn, it works for me

    51. Miguel Morcillo

      It'll be real time online multiplayer?

    52. Dhairya Oza

      New handling assit have worst wheel turning

    53. St3ff3n Gu64

      At my game stay I have no internt I cant play the game why

      1. Iviša

        install vpn

    54. Tibi Telek

      And not MP/H,but KM/H hours!😳

    55. VeQ Be

      Bad FPS

    56. Mehdi Charif

      When you will add pitstops and simulation damage as computer?

    57. Tibi Telek

      It can't be downloaded,and then the next update should be for everyone to download the game!😳

    58. Head Hunt

      Guys i cant log in , at f1 mobile.

      1. Iviša

        install vpn

    59. Jayden

      The physics are so weird now,the ai cars out drag us at every straight even with a 1100 car(I know it’s not the best but it’s decent),pls fix

    60. Công Huân Nguyễn

      Are there mini maps?

    61. Felipe Oliveira

      Cars don't even get close to 300 km/h but handle like 1000x faster than the official consoles game. Why can't this mobile game be the same? Like, I'm not even complaining about graphics or sounds nor even physics but the speeds are so wrong that I uninstalled it.

    62. samsea 04

      Can you improve the AI difficulty in the next update

    63. Rutvik Bobade

      Is Daniel ricciardo finished?

    64. Exile Jay

      this game should put pit stop

    65. Frilgrey

      You guys said there is the Zandvoort track in the update on the play store but there's no Zandvoort which makes me mad that you lied. Furthermore why did you guys change the system now I can't race on even more tracks and I am not happy with the update.

      1. Fkez05

        Too bad, sucks to be you I guess

    66. I xernoom I

      Jai cru que c'était f1 2020😂

    67. DONOVAN santos

      codmaster the f1 mobile won't pick up on my cell phone. Help please 😔😔

    68. Anish Godambe

      Please explain the different types of setup

    69. jemand der niemand ist

      we need a carreer with pitstops on f1 mobile

    70. Kadir Kaya

      I did update my game.But ı was racing so fast without help but now I have to because car is not turn

    71. Billy P. Bertrand

      F for Vettel not on the cover anymore

    72. Farrel Fabian Entanto

      F1 mobile racing is too heavy for my phone

    73. Cristian-Ionut Dobrea

      not connecting....nice update...uninstall

    74. Manuel Felipe Montoya

      empieza lo excitante!!!

    75. Void Dynasty

      Please add a carrier mode or something

    76. laurizaa 76

      I cant play it in Huawei Honor 6a

      1. laurizaa 76

        @Fkez05 Kinda sucks

      2. Fkez05

        Majority of Andriod users can't play this game

    77. Egemen Mert Önol

      where is VETTEL ??????

    78. CaS

      i think it must be a career mode??

    79. M. Gardea Dirgantara

      I just want to play a new graphic, gameplay with similarity like f1 2016..no chit chat just pure driving, classic

    80. Raihan Abdillah

      I was hoping F1 Mobile Racing have a career mode, Also big hope that you gonna create 1 F1 More game thats Offline, i mean like F1 2016 but 2020 Graphic etc

      1. Jose Mbenga

        They obviously wouldn't do that because you don't have to pay for this game but we all wish they would 😔😔

      2. nuclearsheepd0g

        maybe just buy a console and get the game in their

      3. Rizki Akbar A

        Me to:(

    81. esteban rizzo

      Plz i want yo hafet in my phone but is not compatible

      1. nuclearsheepd0g

        there’s a reason it’s not compatible with your phone

    82. Filip Nikolovski

      Why there is no Vietnam or Zandvoort ???

    83. Baltazar Cruz

      You have to pay for it i’d rather play RR3 tbh.

    84. VikingLion

      Well. Ew.

    85. SPYROS_F15

      Codies, you need to fix this in Italy: There will be gravel at the exit of parabolica!

    86. Alex Zheng

      Fix the unreal physics please.

    87. RCM

      A career mode would be good, as well as the car having damage, and pitstop, the option of having the halo on the screen too since it is cut without having the option

      1. Andrei M. Moreno

        Yeah I think they're trying to add those features in without making the game take up more space than it needs to

      2. Angy Kitty

        @Azbert 1899 realism

      3. Global Live Streaming

        Formula 1 Mobile free 2020 update download on Apple Store and Google Play!

      4. ThatOneCarGuyDirk

        so... F1 2020 mobile

    88. Clippy Daclip

      Controler support?

    89. Bederna Krisztian

      Please make this amazing game for HUAWEI Y6 2017 phone

      1. Eron Sebastian Ermino

        you download it yourself or your phone version is not compatible or your phone cat handle it the game dont make it for you you make it

      2. Fkez05

        They won't

    90. Matthew Hermogenes

      Fix your servers codemasters

      1. djibril Bkao

        Me too... Got the same connection default

    91. Sunilkumar Songire

      Has codemasters fixed the bugs... Cause the current version of f1 mobile is really... Really terrible...! 😖

      1. Rizky Ramadhan

        So many bugs

    92. Jurell Gopaul

      Hey codemasters could you guys have ane event where we race the f1 team cars to win them instead of paying for them the event should last 12 days please do this

      1. jemand der niemand ist

        yea would be kinda nice

    93. GLPiano


    94. Abdullah

      They put leclerc instead seb :(

    95. Mikołaj Formella

      My phone can run this game with only 10 FPS so I don't care

    96. Nathan Go

      Like where zandavoort and hanoi??? Its 2020 hello codemasters

    97. FireLynx


    98. kostadin cholakov

      When are you going to upload more Gameplays in f1 2020 

    99. Mephisko CZ

      C A M E R A S H A K E

    100. RIFKY Fahrezi Armansyah

      Please,update the f1 2016 mobile to f1 2020,or make a new one with f1 2016 concept,big size,paid app,its very worth for me like f1 2016 mobile,please!!! . Like for codemasters seen my comment

      1. RIFKY Fahrezi Armansyah

        @nuclearsheepd0g just make the same concept like f1 2016 mobile

      2. nuclearsheepd0g

        ARMAN RF they wont