F1® Mobile Racing | Update 14 Trailer

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    Update 14 for F1® Mobile Racing is live!
    Feast your eyes on the new Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team livery, show your support with the FREE #WeRaceAsOne decal, and check out the upcoming events
    F1 Mobile Racing Esports is HERE!
    Get the details | bit.ly/3lG1PRF
    #F1MobileRacing #Update14

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    1. Danang R

      This game looks like Assetto Corsa

    2. Noel Sony

      Could you please make it like your F1 2020 game. Like, you get to play as a driver in F1, for any team you want.

    3. Leonardo Santos

      Atualizem o 2016 que e bem melhor que esse

    4. juan jose henao

      please add rain

    5. juan jose henao

      please add pit stops

    6. Goldena

      To make this game playable 1)Fix graphics 2) add carrier mode 3) remove duels.. 4) Make multilayer 5) Make good contact system 6) Make it looks like F1 2016 7) And that's it

    7. Oday Saleh

      It would be better if the back wing open and close with drs

    8. Lalit Barai

      Career mode is needed.

    9. Bilal Khan

      Too many spam sites within the comment section. The only that was legit for me is Gamecrook.

    10. Jefferson Luís Alvarenga

      Brincadeira!!! De tanto eu reclamar, me baniram do jogo. Instalo e reinstalo o jogo, mas não consigo entrar no jogo. Cadê a democracia? Não posso reivindicar!?

    11. Derrick Mugumya

      As an option

    12. Derrick Mugumya

      Why don't we game offline

    13. Felipe Souza

      Um servidor que não deixa eu jogar online usando o Wi-Fi, sinceramente, parece que vc são amadores, não sabem fazer um jogo que funcione

    14. Boffopy

      I think that they need to have classic cars

    15. Aris Rusmana

      please duel with friend

    16. Nishant Chandan

      Is this game available in 60fps? I’m running it in my ipad but I get only 30fps😔

    17. Matt roge

      Do you mind improving handling and duels as those for me are the worst


      We really need graphics option. There is struggling on my phone that can do better.


      What is the name of the music in the video?

    20. Mohammed Alobyz

      How RR3 is better than F1 Mobile Racing?

    21. MigRacing

      Shitty graphics and physics

    22. Vox

      a lot of dirty drivers, GHOSTING is the solution, either Grid or Sprint keep it ghost

    23. Shaikh Oyez

      Can we play with friends multiplayer So that we can race in between us

    24. DyBeats

      We need career mode on this😔

    25. Kaizan

      bring more of ESPORTS action from f1 mobile

    26. Onur 7

      Carrer mode!

    27. Talha Çolak F1

      oyuna ıstanbul parkı ekleyın

    28. JeLie TV

      Can you add pit stops it adds the difficulty in the game and add penalties to the dirty drivers

    29. Dr Dixit

      Best racing game Gives you the feel of total control

    30. RJ

      Please add penalties for dirty drivers who crash and sabotage your race

    31. RJ

      Please add a career mode like the 2016 game

    32. Khoi Nguyen Tran Mai

      Please we need to do something with dirty driver, why do i get the penalty when he shunt me and why bot break in the middle of a flat out corner, basically ruin whoever behind them their duel. The protecting shield is great first step but still it only work when you already touch which basically already in the spin and to add salt to injury you get the off track penalty and driving slowly back on track mean the dirty driver already far gone, basically a reward for driving dirty

    33. Pete Villager

      hey codies you see new grand prix tuscan and that ferrari 1000 gp i need that dark red color and sebastian vettel and charles leclerc dark red racing suits :)

    34. Pete Villager

      thanks for mclaren with rainbow and last dark red design in ferrari :)

    35. Andrei Zaharia

      Make pit stops

    36. Mami

      İstanbul Park pist please.Come back

    37. Junin TV


    38. go_v_ ind

      Plz fix lag issue

    39. janse nunes

      Gosto desse jogo chamando F1 Mobile Racing

    40. Murilo Blayder

      Istal the pit lane

    41. Danny Zall


    42. Sofian Hassaine Year 9

      1:12 Is a Williams trying to get past a Haas? That's a first.

      1. Sofian Hassaine Year 9

        @Swedish Madman Yes, of course. This year's car is better. Latifi's not great, though.

      2. Swedish Madman

        Not really. Have you seen Russell this season?

    43. Oscar Rafone

      Add the possibility to buy official helmet of official driver with the CR

    44. SiLencer Gaming

      Please, add a replay feature in the 2016 f1 game

    45. Euan Sebastian Seno

      Its glitching and not loading the game now 😡😡😡 and Hanoi does not even have any DRS zones

    46. ShynizZ

      Good stuff, I'm reinstalling after a long break

    47. Madhavi Singh

      How come Real Racing 3 does everything earlier and better when this is the official game ?


        @HoThings But like i quit play ones on mobile...just get F1 2020 the official game for playstation or Xbox...

      2. HoThings

        @NIKHIL RAJKUMAR Yeah, I'm still considering getting a simulator because my cousins will use it all the time, but I want if for myself 😂


        @HoThings oh so i guess RR3 might be better...but if you'll want the best experience just get F1 2020 official game

      4. HoThings

        NIKHIL RAJKUMAR but RR3 is licensed by F1?


        This is more simulator like...Plus this is official...Graphics are better here...but i get your point...Codemasters are bad creators

    48. yeet delete

      Some suggestions would be a pit stops, realistic (maybe wet weather if possible) steering wheels, free tracks and cars (only for offline mode)

    49. James M

      Racing has been very unfair in F1 mobile racing and inspite of reporting so many complaints against them , there hasn't been any upgrade or improvements. Dirty drivers shoud be penalised during the race and also should be able to play continuous 5 duels too!

    50. James M

      Can someone explain me how this new Dynamic Ghosting System Works in F1 MOBILE Racing !

    51. Ryo Uruma

      RR3 is better!!

    52. Gaming World

      Please add 1. Pitstops 2. Quali for singl player races 3. Highlights

      1. Oscar Rafone

        4. Official steering wheel of the teams 5. Better skin of mclaren

    53. Paul Valenzuela

      :( and the new circuits?

    54. Hyuntaek Woo

      out of context but any possibility for new tracks for 2020 game?

    55. 1amanoobZ

      Now make pits

    56. Ramón García

      If only I still had enough space in my phone

    57. BlueFlag Alpha

      Can you add championship season?

    58. Alejandro Reyes

      When are you going to update the car's performances for F1 2020?

    59. Vandatte

      Ugly game, give us the mobile version like 2016

    60. ELECTRON

      Who plays this game its ass. I'd rather play F1 2016 the game mechanics are better graphics are GOATED for a mobile game and pitstop are in the game and you can go in the pit lane literally free roam pitlane in Brazil

    61. nguyen cong

      I love this game, I will upload this game!!!

    62. Ammar Dhamiri

      Anyone play F1 2106 mobile?

    63. ttt yyyt

      codemasters please bring igi 1 and igi 2 on mobile for ios and andriod please please please please 🙏🙏

    64. ᴘ s ʏ ᴄ ʜ ᴏツ

      *Game Download Link Please*

    65. haris a.n.

      Could you add the pitstop for F1 Mobile Racing, please ?

    66. Night

      The graphics are grainy

    67. Ravann Suresh

      Who realised that codemasters do not reply to comments I wonder why

    68. Trex3n20

      Do we still need to buy the 2020 cars or..?

    69. Aviation Nation

      Can there be a show halo option for the driver view please.

    70. Rhys Malcolm

      Game lacks substance. Add engaging events. A Grand Prix every 2 weeks or something. Put pit stops in the game and a little bit of performance altering damage or something. This game feels like an empty shell. It’s the same as it was at launch. It could be so much more. I know you didn’t actually care about this game, and that it was just a little side project to pull in some extra cash for your more important titles, but I think you’re underestimating the success you can get from a strong mobile community.

    71. Neuron

      We want career mode

      1. Ravann Suresh

        You can make career mode by racing on every track you have and you can costimize the calendar. But quali for a single race can be added this is why we have

    72. THeRON

      Can you made a lite version cod, please for the wicker smartphone like my Samsung j2 core?

    73. Skooby YT

      On f1 2020 do a thing on the shop called Italy pack which u can buy and get imola and mugello

    74. RAJ7Y Gaming

      That's so so bad why nothing change? Just the colors we need open lobbies for playing and challange friends we need the engine round like real f1 cars sound Codemasters that's so bad update i will delete the game if you don't improve it and make it like consoles version please

      1. Jacques Jugo

        The game is free, just play the PC/Console version

      2. Ravann Suresh

        RAJ7Y Gaming yup

    75. Miguel Gow

      PITSTOP please

    76. elite Gaming

      When they give us real f1 sound. Is it developers dono what is the sound of f1 car


      A jogabilidade mudou muito

    78. Joshua Fancher

      Will they let us race anywhere we want without unlocking stuff now?

      1. Joshua Fancher

        Ravann Suresh bruhhhhh

      2. Ravann Suresh


    79. Arthur Culshaw

      when they update the mobile game more than the PC game

      1. Ravann Suresh

        But look at the mobile game to pc🤨

    80. Blackout76

      Damn you actually kicked Vettel out of the end frame? Was about time ngl

      1. Ravann Suresh

        OMg I did not notice that

    81. Mr Hero

      The physics and track layouts have been changed positively. Keep it up👍

      1. Ravann Suresh

        Ye mot bad for a mobile game but can always be better

      2. Ansel Choo

        Ravann Suresh why do people like you always have high expectations for mobile games?

      3. Ravann Suresh

        Yeah but I think the pit stops and podium cutscene could have been added

    82. FireLynx

      pay to win

      1. Gear Head

        It's not absolutely true because you can earn cr just watching announcements. I unlocked all 2020 GP, got mercedes and red bull car without spending a single money.

    83. Young Power

      Wow, in mobile no desync


      They need to update the car performance on console / pc...

      1. KAYU DAN BATU

        I think in console is very2 bad because if you play without tilt steering wheel will be sensitive you want to get DNF hah

    85. Raihan Abdillah

      Is it only me or someone else too? I cant really play the Single race 😐

      1. Ravann Suresh

        Yeah me too but only for Monaco 🇲🇨

    86. AX PETER

      Guys, the real fix it needs is the steering wheel. It looks way too long old, and we miss the new tracks, some classic ones and also pitstops and team radio. Please add these as well. And I forgot to mention- please keep duels 3 laps or maybe 5. One lap isn't good

      1. Ravann Suresh

        Randomly generated person true

      2. an internet stranger

        they wont do it because more people would get the mobile game rather than the actual thing

    87. Daniel Mumford

      Can we have a proper penalty system that actually punishes dirty drivers in the future please

      1. kruptureUTD

        Ghosting doesn't work, too many times have the got the ai to crash into me and it's ridiculous

      2. kruptureUTD

        @Ravann Suresh ye it says I've corner cut when I literally take the apex, especially turn 2 in Monza is a joke

      3. Butter

        even I'm not playing this game,they should!

      4. Amir Muhammad

        I'm agree

      5. Ravann Suresh

        Now it’s basically turning off the Drivers engine

    88. RodriF1

      Optimize the game, the lag is a lot

      1. Kenny Kent Kenken

        @Twist same

      2. Twist

        Runs just fine for me and i dont have anywhere near the best phone

    89. linterni Gamer

      Look good to be a mobile game

      1. Ravann Suresh

        Not really

    90. Nightmare Demons

      which system do I need to be able to play the game? My mobile phone uses Android but I can't find the game in the Google Play Store and when I google it and then want to download it, it says that it is not compatible

      1. Ahmad Danish Aqeef

        Well, some older version of Android are unfortunately incompatible and unavailable to download:'(

    91. Naruto Gaming TV

      Why Android not working in f1 mobile racing

    92. Justin Jordan


    93. Davide Merotto

      Please better physics?

    94. Gin Kiat

      there is still a lot of improvements if this game wants to be a simulator of f1

      1. Gin Kiat

        @Goldfinger 575 none

      2. Goldfinger 575

        Gin Kiat Ho which phone do you have that runs iracing with a wheel connected too

      3. Gin Kiat

        @Goldfinger 575 Ye mobile has too little storage space for a simulator

      4. Goldfinger 575

        No mobile game is remotely close to any sort of sim like iracing

      5. Gin Kiat

        @Ahmad Danish Aqeef well there is f1 2016 which is the closest to being a sim

    95. HUE Larry

      Still only 12 cars at Brazil in Single Race...

      1. Jordi Avz

        Formula bot police 🤧😹😹😹😹😹

      2. Ravann Suresh

        No I do 10 I got only 12

      3. Cryptic

        probably bc you only do 1 lappers

      4. Bagus Arya

        Play with 10 or 15 lap you'll have 20 cars

    96. Giga Kubica

      Take Carter here

    97. Adrian Georgiu

      Song pls?

    98. ossilong

      Take on the 2020 circuits? did i miss something or when is china and france on?

      1. Oscar Rafone


      2. Cryptic

        i think its because you havent unlocked those tracks.

      3. ossilong

        @HUE Larry Okay didnt know i live in the fake 2020.

      4. HUE Larry

        It said original 2020

    99. Craft Racer

      Ah yes the thing we were definitely all asking for Why fix the performance of the main game when you can fiddle about with the mobile game instead

      1. an internet stranger

        Performance update coming in October

      2. Hawx

        You realise that's probably not the same team doing the two games ?

    100. Yuny A

      Can u please nerf Ferrari on f1 2020