F1® Mobile Racing | Update 6 Livestream | Official Chassis and More!

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    iOS: apps.apple.com/gb/app/f1-mobile-racing/id1343820018
    Android: goo.gl/dMioT3

    Chris Groves from the Codemasters Community team previews Update 6 for F1® Mobile Racing, which includes the addition of every official team chassis! Check out these and much more in this preview for Update 6, which will go live on iOS and Android very soon.
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    1. Kenny Go

      Why suspension lods doesnT move while tires are moving up & down?

    2. Kenny Go

      Replay is essential in racing game. please update

    3. SG 7104C

      We Need DRS Wing Expansion Too!!

    4. SG 7104C

      Please Make Pit Stops Or More Realistic AIs Plz Or Career Mode

    5. Nik the Greek 36

      All others have 1700 rd and I have only 1080 😔

    6. Wesley Lima

      isso é jogo para Android é off line??

    7. Keizer TentTrailer

      Hi, i"m new with this game on Android and want to know if it can be played with an Steering wheel like i used on the Xbox.

    8. Charles Leclerc

      Keep Ur good work

    9. Charles Leclerc

      Can u let us use credits to buy official chassis please? The price can be like maybe costs 700 credits THX!! Hopr u can do it in update 8th

    10. Ivan Stojsic

      Add career mode

    11. Ivan Stojsic

      Fix the controls, it's almost unplayable sometimes,cars are acting weird on a track,and there are to much cheaters in multiplayer

    12. Bryant Gold

      career mode please

    13. Sainder Kix

      Can u get career mode

    14. Lil_ BENZ

      Please, we want Career Mode just like in F1 2017-2019 using Real Team Cars and Drivers

    15. Gixeira

      Why There is paying cars ? Please i want free for update 7 🙏🏼😉

    16. TI FF

      Add pitstop

    17. Wilson Hui

      ideal : F1 2016 mobile’s track + F1 2019’s car + new engine sounds = F1 2019 mobile racing😀😀😀

      1. THEIBRAHIM Gaming

        I wish

      2. Wilson Hui

        but now this game is still rubbish😤😤😤

    18. Xander Wassink

      Can I please get a free Red Bull car. My name is xndrwssnk

      1. The MalWare

        Ask mommy and daddy for their credit card

    19. Savas Firtina

      when will you talk about the spec development and the parts that affect the driving of the car? what setups are used for what track types, we strongly and simply need tips and advice before we race

    20. Abhishek Dubey

      Please bring career mode

    21. B5 BC Lalchhantluangi

      This game is offline or online ?

    22. DedStriker

      You need to lower the spec requirement because most of the low end smartphones can't run this game

    23. Dung Q Nguyen

      Bring the mirror back to the cockpit view

    24. Miguel Medina

      Is the Halo realistic now on the Cockpit camera? I really want to know if you made it realistic now...

    25. The Last of Us: Fandom Deutschland

      How about adding the actually car data to F1 2919 for PC etc.? Its sooo unrealistic

      1. Raz

        The developer of F1 Mobile Racing is a third party company and not Codemasters Birmingham. Chris is also the community manager for only F1 Mobile Racing and GRID19

    26. iTz_Darick

      Please more optimization in your game when the phone starts to warm the game you start to see a lot of lag in the game

      1. Bryant Gold

        i hate it when it does that

    27. Mysterio

      Is Mfi support still coming?

    28. Małcin

      Will be in any update changing F1 model 2019,18,17 ...?

    29. Tyler

      Did the FOV of the TV Cam get wider?

    30. Felix Chuah

      It my birthday update

    31. Franwl96

      Upgrade sound of the car

    32. Gabryx


    33. Dini Brahimi

      In the codemasters blog i read about ‘haptic feedback’ is that true that this is coming?

    34. Ale P.

      F1 mánager is miles better

    35. Blackout76

      But I have to say I love that the curbs look used in this game. They look too clean in F1 2019 in comparison.

    36. Walker #41279

      Livestream, but it isn't a Livestream Wait, that's illegal

      1. SG 7104C


      2. Nik the Greek 36

        Why all others have 1600 and I have only 1080 r&d?

      3. FrezZyK1nG

        They did the same with f1 2019 😂😂

    37. Blackout76

      "Also made sure the liveries are up to date" -> Haas still has Whyte Bike Logos on it

    38. Toyeeta Prius

      Wait a minute there is no livestream

    39. APEX RACING 400

      3 views 5 likes

    40. Toyeeta Prius

      Roses are red red bulls are blue i cannot rhyme yeah help me

    41. Yellowish GT

      Gift me everything all cars

    42. Floris Ezinga