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    We're celebrating F1 2019 with this amazing accolades trailer.
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    “Light Up The Sky”
    Performed by The Prodigy
    Written by Liam Paul Paris Howlett; Oliver Rhys Burden; Keith Andrew Palmer; Jiri Schelinger
    Courtesy of BMG Rights Management Ltd.
    Under licence from BMG Rights Management Ltd.
    Published by BMG Rights Management Ltd. (PRS / MCPS), Just Isn't Music Limited (PRS / MCPS), Stellar Songs Limited/EMI (NS) and Supraphon A S (OSA)

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    1. Rodrigo Felix

      one last accolade: worst multiplayer ever. crashed, bugged and unfair penalty system. and you guys bragging about e-sports...


      And new penalty system


      Please rear wing damage

    4. Luca Heckwolf

      Please bring out the Formula E

    5. Mo Glo

      When will Andreas Seidl be integrated into the game ?

    6. WhoReadsMynameHasEbola Dum

      Codemasters Should Add Classic Tracks ;Old Hockenheim,Imola,Estoril and Other Historic Tracks That We All miss

    7. Metro Vivat

      Долбаное дерьмо. Я вообще не понял, за что заплатил 4к (ps4). 1. Старт всегда проигрываешь. 2. Боты едут как психи. 3. В дождь всегда проигрыш. 4. Абсолютно непонятная настройка болида. 5. Невозможно понять потенциал болида. 6. Очень неадекватная работа ERS в режиме "авто" . САМАЯ ХУДШАЯ F1 ИЗ ВСЕХ СЕРИЙ/ЧАСТЕЙ.

    8. Ziul 20

      Porque vocês não fazem mais f1 de tela dividida e muito bom

    9. Roi Vanster

      Next year can you guys add classic tracks like the old Monza, Spa or Monaco

    10. Wesley Lima

      é jogo para Android e precisa de internet para jogar ou não???

    11. Fixify

      Pls splitsreen

    12. Toiletten Ninja

      In F1 2020 you can bring other tracklayouts Example -Azerbaidschan - short -Spain - short -Monaco - short -France - short -Austria - short -Great Brittan - old version -Germany - short - old version -Belgium - old track, long track -Italy - 1966 oval circuit -singapore - short version - Rassia - short - Abu Dhabi short version

    13. Toiletten Ninja

      Please bring Monaco in short from Formel E in the game that will be so nice

    14. David De la Torre Gallardo

      In real life, there's a new pit lane entry less strange than the 2018 entry in Paul Ricard , so would you be able to update on August 1st for every player?

    15. Jens Leck

      Codemasters van you add a option for a mirror in middle of Cockpitview? P L E A S E, i need full Mirror(s )😭

    16. CJ.

      Are they going to update the Ferrari livery to the 90 years?

    17. Dark Lord

      Uptade pls

    18. Forro

      It would be a good feature at the next year game if you add new tracks that changes with others by the way the seasons pass (example: season 6 of the carrer of the player and the Spanish GP is replaced for the Argentinian GP, Hockenheimring is replaced for Nürburgring, things like that), the test pilots (feature present in F1 2006) and a different age season, the '93 (not only that, it also could be '55, '67, '78) season for example, so, of that form you can choose on what age you can run with your character. It could be pretty epic see this in F1 2020 (of course maintain the random change of pilots). Every season with the classics tracks. Just imagine run against Fangio, Stewart, Lauda or Hakkinen in a complete season! You could put differents season in different games. F1 2020 with 2020 season and, as special 1993 with new and presents features F1 2021 with 1955 That's all, thanks for reading and excelent game, Cody! (Sorry for my english)

    19. Anthony Rocha

      Please make a demo of the game.

    20. Actual Toaster

      Will f2 cars be added to online?

      1. Chris Drew

        In max 2 weeks there will be update and it will add F2 to online unranked/lan

    21. Anakin czsk

      Ovelord 3 pls

    22. Phillip Carr

      First, checkered for me

    23. Bart_nugteren_ 16