Guide to F1 Esports Qualifying Event 2 with Williams Esports's Isaac Price | F1 Esports 2020

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    Can you beat Williams Esports' Issac Price in this week's F1 Esports Qualifying Event in F1 2019?
    Read more about the prizes you can win with F1 Esports right here:
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    1. Asendes

      No pit stop on mobile?

    2. ShineStreet

      He seems like a cute guy

    3. Erik Ask

      Can you please fix the spscore on the racing point cars to make it stay sportpesa in your next uptade,this would mean much for me

      1. Desp4cito Doiz

        No,because of law

    4. NWS Miche

      Lol esports driver are so bad

    5. eeaaymon

      Timings way off

    6. Dániel Boateng - ダニエル

      I passed your score. Can I join a pro team now as well?

    7. Hamlet01

      E-sports should have to use cockpit cam - this T-cam is for wimps.

    8. Izaias Souza33

      Pad and no assists,on 110% is Very hard! Maximum 85% for me

    9. JoonaR

      I got 150 000 points

    10. Hiroshi

      Puahahah "sorry for the exit" ...Oh boy.

    11. Paul’s Pursuits

      As others have already asked can you update the game to reflect Gasly to torro rosso and Albon to red bull? Thanks

    12. Marcel Fischer

      I was 0,5 sec fester on the fastest lap🧐

    13. Roselyne Khamala

      Can you guys put f1 2019 demo please I'm begging you please

      1. MyNameJeff

        @Roselyne Khamala A YOKE!!!

      2. MyNameJeff

        @Roselyne Khamala And you can stop replying now because nobody can take you serious anymore. (Not that anyone did.) *Says that he or she is the 2nd richest in his or hers country.*, *Calling someone an idiot.*, *Saying that I am a garbage man.*

      3. MyNameJeff

        @Roselyne Khamala Nah thats not a job for me.

      4. Roselyne Khamala

        @MyNameJeff do you think I am an idiot kid.which work do you go to oh garbage man am I an idiot now

      5. MyNameJeff

        @Roselyne Khamala And dont call me an idiot. You are the one doing clearly idiotic here.

    14. Pewdiepie Sucks

      Can you update the game now Albon is at Red Bull?

      1. IGL BOBO

        They need to wait how strong albon and gasly are going to be

      2. Justin M.

        Pewdiepie Sucks would be nice, but with the driver transfers already occurring in the game, maybe some people would already see Albon in the Red Bull lol

    15. Kakashi

      Codemasters pls, for the next update change Gasly and Albon as Albon is now in Red Bull and Gasly got demoted to Toro Rosso

    16. Takx

      Great the video isnt even in sync

      1. evilstricker 141

        @Takx good nah im kidding

      2. Takx

        @evilstricker 141 yes

      3. evilstricker 141

        Remember me?

    17. SamGamerOfficial

      Script confirmed during the intro... 😄👌 No worries I would have asked for help too in the same way that he did lol. Got poor memory as well. XD