Tiametmarduk’s Guide to F1 Esports Series 2020 Qualification Event 3

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    Can you beat Tiametmarduk in this week's F1 Esports Qualifying Event in F1 2019?
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    1. Breno Costa

      Vou dar algumas sugestões para o F1 2020 No modo carreira que os jogadores comecem a sua carreira desde o card. A carreira começa em 2010 depois de terminar a carreira no card o jogador pode ser encaminhado para a F2 que la tera o começo com sua carreira profissional. No card o jogador tera um rival e um irmão que subiram com ele para F2 no fim da temporada o seu irmão continuará na F2 e seu rival ira junto com você para a F1. O SEU IRMÃO VIRA PARA A F1 SO UM ANO DEPOIS PARA A F1 E o resto da carreira continua

    2. xxxalexxx

      learn how to brake.... DUDE

      1. Tofuboi 86

        alex ss np

      2. xxxalexxx

        @Tofuboi 86 lol..Just saw It now..thanks dr.

      3. Tofuboi 86

        alex ss it’s brake actually

    3. hrithik jho

      Whats the lap time thats what i wanna know

    4. Marcio Gurgel ROCHA

      Formula 1 2019

      1. Tofuboi 86

        Canal Marcio Gurgel TV.Filmes.Lendas Ao Vivo ???

    5. David De la Torre Gallardo

      You know what? You don't have to do anything about that I said some hours ago

    6. David De la Torre Gallardo

      I propose that before the start of the F1 Italian Grand Prix you should force every player of F1 2019 to select their real nationality. Why? Because a TRlocalr (Foxydude98) wants to fool you by telling you that he's North Korean

      1. David De la Torre Gallardo

        But I mean that when every player finishes his current season, for the next it will appear :What is your real nationality? And that player has to pick their REAL nationality, not their FAKE

    7. DEViL

      Why cut out the beginning?

    8. u2zero2u

      I started a petition on the Steam F1 2019 game forums to Codemaster for Anthoine Hubert. Please support this. I know we can't actually be there to do something so the least we can do is ask Codemasters for a small update, and this is just a suggestion, something like when the game starts theres a screen sending this communities condolences to Anthoine Hubert's family. Hopefully with enough support Codemasters will see this.

    9. Stan Hoppe

      Upgrade the game with Albon at Redbull Racing please

    10. Konstantinos Zikidis

      The song is AWFUL

    11. Iceman

      You guys shouldn’t give out the F2 update out of respect to Antoine Hubert’s fatal accident. R.I.P. Antoine Hubert

    12. JW 8605

      Ben:Today, Im going to be corner cutting

    13. Rosco Dodger

      Lol even though he has refused to try qualification until now

    14. Dalozsan The Fox

      Whats the musics name?

    15. Galactic_Nerd-sk

      This is not Ben. His brakes were calibrated and he didn't cut corners.

    16. Macyus

      Get in there -lewis- Ben

    17. John Woolven

      Wish I was this decent at f1 games.. struggling on 103 ai. 100 not a problem 103 nah I can't do it. Well I can just need to push more I guess


        @Buzz the accounted laps are just in timetrial, but I did lots of laps too in preparation for league races in Grand Prix mode and so on. If you want to improve your overall pace, time trial is your mode, but if you're going for a race under certain circumstances Grand Prix mode is the way to go. There you can test degredagtion and fuel and ers management. But you probably knew that already.

      2. Buzz

        @THE SUPERNOOB Thank you. You only did practice in Time Trial or in single races?


        @Buzz just to put your comment in perspective. I've done around 600 laps at Monaco to get to the level I'm now....... Just try to do some more.

      4. Buzz

        @THE SUPERNOOB Bahrain isn't a complicated track for me usually but I don't know how hard it is in highest difficulty. Videos can't help me, I'm afraid. I suck on these tracks, even after 10 laps of practicing.

      5. John Woolven

        @Buzz yeah every race for me I need to change the ai for each race. Australia I did 105 in torro rosso started p13 finished p5 Bahrain I had to do 98 because of that stupid s section I could never do

    18. Lee Travis

      I just want online championship back

    19. iSmithy14

      This wasn’t him driving, no way

    20. Henry Silberhorn


      1. The Slam Slider

        Red front wing!

      2. Mr Storm

        Damage, do you have Ben?

    21. DavidH185

      Wonder how many crash 2 desktops we had in making of this video

      1. madotter

        Not to mention flashbacks ;-)

    22. Elit3Blaze

      Clearly not actually Ben driving that mclaren. No corner cuts.

    23. Leon Müller

      Awesome! Im a huge Fan of Ben!

    24. Deceased Duck

      69 likes, lets keep it that way

      1. Adam GamesHD

        No 26 likes 0 dislikes

    25. KurisuTina_46

      he’s back for more

    26. _Jeremy Badia_247

      2030 anybody

    27. liverpoolbuttonf1fan

      A wild Ben appears

    28. Roselyne Khamala

      Can codemasters add f1 2019 demo please

      1. Adam GamesHD


      2. White Rock Media UK

        Adam GamesHD kk f1 2020 comes out in 2 weeks

      3. Adam GamesHD

        @White Rock Media UK Oh. Well maybe, I tried whilst installing.

      4. White Rock Media UK

        Adam GamesHD f1 2019

      5. Adam GamesHD

        On what game?

    29. Kixuneken

      I guess this time his brakes are calibrated huh?

      1. Macyus

        Seems so

      2. Alex 53

        Apparently so