TommyT999’s Guide to F1 Esports Series 2020 Qualification Event 3

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    Can you beat TommyT999 in this week's F1 Esports Qualifying Event in F1 2019?
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    1. Craft Racer

      I’m sorry but he still uses racing line...

    2. Ziul 20

      Mano fazem jogo de dois

    3. M o o d

      This is the most painful video I've ever seen

    4. Ethan Roberts

      If you don’t use wheel can’t qualify

    5. Joao Carlos Jacinto

      i am much higher in the list than him, that indeed is how not the get there

    6. Rotation

      This guy won’t even come close to the top 50%

    7. Dimascorpion

      I mean wtf. Bring the Pewdiepie too then.

    8. Abraham Richard-Tagoe

      Bring back your hot lap videos with announcer. Reminds me of ITV pole laps they did every race weekend before the race

    9. Gonzo GB87

      Can we all make a guide on how to make a guide for these guys? Use the fanatec for a start.....

    10. Hamlet01

      Are you serious? A pad and assists?

    11. Dominik Slabon

      Wow he is so good he doesn’t need his hands to steer the car

    12. Xenomorph

      If you dont need the Fanatec gear, you can give it to me please 😉

    13. Rosco Dodger

      Look at this guys. This is how NOT to get into eSports

    14. RAYNERPS3235

      TomyT999 Guide to NOT make it into the F1 Esports Series 2020 Qualification

    15. Andrew

      That’s some good driving with a controller!

    16. Haise

      Hey tommy who will be p1 in the italian GP ? I wonder if ferrari can hold off Mercedes Again this weekend.

    17. _Jeremy Badia_247

      This gives me hope on a controller with the racing line

    18. Marco97

      Has Fanatec Wheel in front of him - Plays with controller.

      1. Marco97

        @erikrost22 yeah

      2. erikrost22

        from the way he drove he seemed to be playing with the keyboard

      3. Red Dark Plays