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    We're celebrating F1 2019 with this amazing accolades trailer.
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    “Light Up The Sky”
    Performed by The Prodigy
    Written by Liam Paul Paris Howlett; Oliver Rhys Burden; Keith Andrew Palmer; Jiri Schelinger
    Courtesy of BMG Rights Management Ltd.
    Under licence from BMG Rights Management Ltd.
    Published by BMG Rights Management Ltd. (PRS / MCPS), Just Isn't Music Limited (PRS / MCPS), Stellar Songs Limited/EMI (NS) and Supraphon A S (OSA)
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    1. Rodrigo Felix

      crap crap crap

    2. Isabel Casas

      for the game of F1 2021 should put classic circuits like the European GP Jerez Turkey Korea India and more classic cars apart the 2010 F1 season with all cars so it would be the best F1 game codemaster

    3. Wesley Lima

      Não tem como colocar um jogo desse para Android Off Line não não seria uma boa ter F1 2019 para Android

    4. Smith 96

      Does anybody know when there is gonna be an weekly grand prix event? Need it for platinum trophy, but its not scheduled

    5. CJ Fedora

      This is the most addictive F1 game I’ve ever played, and the most fun. F1 2020 has a lot to live up to. Two requests: fix Lowes hairpin in Monaco so you can actually get through it without under steering into the barrier every time! And give us back the sim race option once you’ve started a race!

    6. Vishothan Prasad

      Can we please get split screen???

    7. Metro Vivat

      It is impossible to win a start in the rain, the difficulty is 95-100%. Where did you get five (5) ERS operation modes ??? This makes driving extremely difficult. Lando Norris said they have nothing of the kind; there is only one boost button. From now on, without a demo version, I will not buy anything from you. F1 2019 = Imbalance in everything. Thanks for your attention.

    8. Lostin TheRace

      If FORZA 7 can have 700 plus cars I’m pretty sure you can have way more than 20 classic cars for next years game. We need at least 5 top 5 cars from the most popular years like 78,79, 82, 85, 88, 90,91,92,93 ,95 ,97, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004. Codemasters you can do more than just 1 classic car per popular year of f1. PLEASE SOME OF US ARE DIE HARD CLASSIC F1 FANS!!!

    9. Gosia W.

      Hey Albon transfer for gasly.

    10. Markiquarki

      I don’t like the fact, that drivers Switch teams in Season one!!! Kimi moved to Racing Point...That is ridiculous!!! Stop that!

    11. Konstantin Stefanov

      why is there no nintendo switch .... :( i really want to play this on my switch

    12. Jaden Julian 77

      What's the song name

    13. sjoerd ammerlaan

      Can you wseries

    14. Sim Racing Veteran

      @Codemasters or anybody who can help. HELP!! I just got a Fanatec Podium DD1 for PS4 and it doesn’t work with F1 2019. I flashed the wheel base, motor and wheel to the latest update and nothing. I can use the wheel in the PS4 menus and it works with GT Sport. I don’t know. I feel like I now have a 2,700 dollar paper weight. What am I not doing correctly here?

    15. Mo Glo

      When will Andreas Seidl be integrated into the game?

    16. Manuel Vázquez

      What not put this game in Nintendo switch

      1. Konstantin Stefanov

        exactly my question

    17. Sandro Kathan

      You can add the ADAC GT4 Germany please🙂

    18. Placek

      This game is bad repair it "codemasters"

    19. Wesley Lima

      Como baixar esse jogo é off line??? para Android

      1. Leonardo Alan Soares

        Wesley Lima é so pra console e pc

    20. SimplyPepe

      "It's not a very good game." -Kimi

    21. Mano Prasanth

      Goosebumps everytime

    22. CJ.

      Are they going to update the Ferrari livery to the 90 years?

      1. Mano Prasanth


    23. nikolas miko

      Please fix improvements in career mode Williams not to fight in for podium and mclaren to not be last every qualifying

    24. Mick Ripke

      Please add realistic car performance of F1 2019 Cars in league mode.. how am I else supposed to play with friends with different skill levels???

    25. Mr Zedi

      10/10 sport game generation for players in the future as well"

    26. SpeedJponator3

      This is the best ever F1 Game I ever assembled and seen and I’m doing great on it with these new cars and online create cars are so superior perfect 10 on my calculation.

    27. Ralonso

      Not bad! I have just to find more time to get into it..

    28. BudSpencer1890

      Fix the Photo Mode

    29. Justin Byers

      Keep putting the language in Front of the title. As of now I don't see a USA video yet but the U.K. Is the same. right? I don't know but it's usually hard to find the language and the correct video for your country so keep putting in front of the title so it makes it faster for us to watch these types of videos. Thx 🇺🇸

    30. Marijn#5218

      Plz fix the steering wheel lagg. Whenever yo have formation lap or terminal damage the steering wheel goes crazy

    31. Gwehona Makindu

      Will there be an f1 2019 demo game

    32. Eminem

      Here come the thots, we instigate!

      1. Harry Redshaw

        Thats not the lyrics but ok

    33. Tiametmarduk

      We've come a long way from when the game was made by chipmunks 5 years ago

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        He was right

      2. Ermis Grivas

        Nice xMattyG reference.

      3. Nikkeloodeon

        Wow, that's.. Kinda rude.

      4. MMGaming

        Hi Ben

    34. formula fanatic

      Fix the stutter lag issues in online multiplayer! And what the hell is that Ferrari livery! Stick with mission winnow or sf90. You’re giving us nothing.

      1. Verticuteer Machine

        formula fanatic mission winnow is Marlboro actually and that would make the game 18+ rated

    35. K11 Clan

      The only game, where Williams can get in the top 10...

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        The only game where Stroll can win a race


      F1 2016, 2017 and 2018 outshine this year's version-if only it was marketed better and the Legends Edition didn't come off as a ripoff.

    37. Mika

      When ia the f2 2019 dlc coming

      1. Mika

        😥 i want it now.

      2. JanetzkiF1


    38. PLGS01 P


    39. Kristóf Bial

      Change the in-game beginning intro 🤟🤟

    40. Auryel27

      ummm but why

    41. Luca

      They are using this song all the time


        Last year's game was much better anyway both in terms of gameplay and the way it was marketed. This year it seems all the effort has gone into half-baked ideas and a lack of identity except for the driver transfers.

      2. APEX RACING 400

        Ye i hate it

    42. ThatOneCarGuyDirk

      Wheres the VR and split screen?

      1. Charlie Fluff

        @ThatOneCarGuyDirk that's where the problem is, it's only compatible with the zx spectrum

      2. ThatOneCarGuyDirk

        I’m playing on the sega genesis mate

      3. Charlie Fluff

        Split screen , are you playing on the n64 ?

    43. CRGamoto199

      The only field of F1 where Bottas has a chance of winning the championship...

    44. Luis Parsons

      Always fun finding the English version

      1. Frosty- Moisty

        Luis Parsons Always nice to find the guy who copies other people’s comments

    45. Faisal 1998

      First Comment From Indonesia

      1. Storm Idema

        Ayo mas