[US] F1 2019 | The Experts' Guide to F2 | THE PATH TO F1

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    Earlier this year, we gave F1 2019 a free update that adds the full F2 2019 season to the game - the final step on the path to F1 for many past and present F1 drivers.
    Hear from the drivers and figures that know F2 best about what it takes to carve that path to the pinnacle of motorsport.
    Read more here: blog.codemasters.com/f1/11/rising-through-the-ranks-focusing-on-the-path-to-formula-1
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    1. Lars Granger

      When is time for F1 2020 boys

    2. Yuri Gomes


    3. Manj Myrto


    4. Diego Gamboa

      F1 videogame pongan un modo de crear nuestra pista y también pongan los sonidos reales de los motores y agregar circuitos históricos 👍

    5. Ziul 20

      please do the formula 1 split screen ...... please

    6. Hero Game

      Can you guys please add formula 2 again I want to play Sean geleal on dams

    7. Joanimater

      I have just had the worst glitch ever I came into the pits and my pit crew were not ready. Therefore I lost alot of time. Thanks codemasters. Please sort this out

      1. Ethan Roberts

        joanimaterf1 2020 GP oh yeah when I don’t say on the radio Box Box Box and when I come in I see my pit crew running at 100 mph to get in ther spots for the pit stop lmao

    8. Mr Serrano

      Where is the setup tutorial video?


      Make f1 2015 on mobile

      1. Dietwater142

        why 2015?


      Suscribi diegraci98

    11. Gamer Flexx

      Can you please bring the 1995 benetton in f1 2020?!

      1. Gamer Flexx

        @PiggyMaster jea but i missing the Classictracks from 2013 hopefully they bring them next year but i dont think

      2. PiggyMaster

        Toiletten Ninja well you got your dream

    12. La Zanzara Bianconera

      "GGGGIIIIVINASSSII" Per fortuna mentre sciorinava la lista non gli è passato per la testa "RiccHiardo"

    13. Fabio Contier

      Codemaster F1 is expensive, it is full of errors and the company does not fix anything, enters the forum and nobody serves you. bad company. To get the rights to Formula 1, it would have to be a big company, not a mobile gaming company. F1 2019 I regret buying it.

      1. Jordi Avz

        OK but no one asked

    14. Ricardo Pinto

      Hey coodemasters Will you Make a formula e game??

      1. La Zanzara Bianconera

        Petronas doesn't approve that

    15. Asendes

      Why does the head in the games not move

    16. Sxpirit R

      It triggers me they didnt mention Norris

    17. Sxpirit R

      Just turn on 0% ai


      Why did u make a new video thats the same? (Nothing bad meant just wondering)